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Foundation 1

This half-term really seems to be whizzing by already. 


It is at this time of the year where we take a moment to reflect on just how much our children have achieved since joining us in September. We really have enjoyed working with this cohort of children and are so very proud of their progress. As you are all aware we have begun transition arrangements with a buddying system between F1 and F2 to help your children become familiar and at ease in what will be their new classroom in September. It is also a lovely informal way of meeting staff members. For more details check out the 'Letters Home' section.


We have also begun delving into our final topic on People Who Help Us exploring the vast array of important roles people have that help us. Take a look at our half-termly newsletter under 'Topics' for further information.


A busy end of year descends...let's embrace it with open arms!                                                                                           


Many thanks for your continued support.


Mrs Bailes and Mrs Simmie