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Foundation 1

We’re searching for some minibeasts,

There must be some or one at least!

We’ve seen their pictures in a book,

Now I wonder where we should look?


Yes, in our topic this half-term, we will be exploring the world of marvellous minibeasts! Here follows our week-by-week plan:


Week 29 (24.04.19) Meet the Minibeasts

Week 30 (29.04.19) Flutter and Fly

Week 31 (06.05.19) Weave and Spin

Week 32 (13.05.19) Slither and Slide including ZooLab visit (letter to follow)

Week 33 (20.05.19) Hum and Buzz including The Ugly Bug Ball (more information to follow)


As always, we encourage our children to be as involved as possible, so if you have any topical stories, listening tapes, resources etc, we would love to take a look!


Ideas for parents and children:

Watch out for minibeasts on your travels and in the garden – can you take a photograph?

Where do the different minibeasts like to live?

Use playdough to make different minibeast shapes.

Design/make a miniature garden. Can you make a home for a ladybird or a worm?

Select and read minibeast themed stories.

Use the internet together to research creep-crawlies – can you print out a page for us to look at in school?

Make and play ladybird dominoes.


Key vocabulary:

Minibeasts, insects, bugs

Ladybird, snail, worm, grasshopper, butterfly, caterpillar, spider, beetle, ant, centipede, millipede, bee, wasp, moth

Magnifying glass

Spirals, patterns, twist, turn, scuttle, slither, trail, spots, web


Many Thanks


Mrs Bailes and Mrs Simmie