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The Gold Book

The Gold Book is a special book to thank, celebrate and praise the efforts of children, classes, year groups, staff and members of the public.

Entries are added throughout the year and can be found below.


20th December 2016

At the start of December, when lots of us were thinking ahead to Christmas and all of the lovely things we were going to be doing, I thought it might be nice for Year 5 and 6 to think a little bit about people in our community who are struggling and worrying about not having enough food for themselves and their families. I asked the children to collect food and other items which I would then take to a charity called One Can trust which supports families in our local area by giving them things to make sure that they have enough food until they are in a better position and do not require help any more.

I only asked once and the children knew that it was completely voluntary, they didn't have to bring i anything at all. I was hoping for maybe one box of things to take with me at the end of term. The response from the children was overwhelming. Huge bags of food and toileteries arrived daily, over flowing the boxes I had provided within the first day. By the end of term there was so much food that it completely filled my car. The lady from One Can trust was so grateful, she said that we had collected enough food for 3-4 families for 2-3 weeks.

I had heard great things about the pupils at Stokenchurch Primary School when I started but I could never had imagined the level of generosity and thoughtfulness that they displayed in the last few weeks of term. I am so very proud to be part of this community and I think that years 5 and 6 should be immensely proud of themselves for what they did.

Miss Gadbury

17th November 2016

Mrs Foster witnessed a wonderful act of kindness during our surprise , early morning fire alarm. The day was particularly cold and one child (who had already put his belongings away in school) had come out onto the playground sensibly, but with no jumper or coat! Although he insisted he was ok when asked by an adult, another child noticed he was shivering. Seeing this, a thoughtful, kind and caring child without hesitation prompting, offered to give a spare jumper that he had in his bag. We would would like to celebrate Freddie Fardell for his thoughtful actions.

Mrs Foster and Miss Churn

11th November 2016

The Year 2 staff would like to congratulate the year 2 children who visited the Stokenchurch War Memorial this morning. They stood silently and respectfully throughout the 'reading of names' and during the 2 minute silence.

Members of the public who also attended told me they were impressed with their behaviour and their beautiful singing (we performed two songs at the end).

Year 2 staff

2nd November 2016

Y6 (in french) have been challenged to learn the numbers 0-100 (in multiples of 10) so they can say 0-100-0 in 30 seconds without sacrificing accuracy or pronunciation . This was clearly a challenge for Harry Stevens. However he was determined to rise to the challenge and enlisted the help of Anna West. They worked for over a week at break times and lunch times together to master the numbers and Harry even visited Anna at home so they could get extra practice. Their diligence and determination paid off in class today when they both achieved their goal with flying colours, with Anna cheering on Harry from the side of the class during the challenge !

They are both shining examples of what can be achieved with a little kindness, friendship and determination. I am immensely proud of both of them.

Mrs Reynard

7th October 2016

Mr White would like to both thank and congratulate all of our prefects who absolutely shone at yesterdays Open Day. They represented their school with distinction and parents were so impressed with them (and all the children they visited in class). Well Done.

Special mention to Head Boy and Head Girl who spoke to all the parents with confidence and composure.

6th October 2016

Miss Gillion would like to say a huge thank you to Beyonce Sheriden in year 4. Last week Miss Gillion was walking through school with lots of things in her hands and without hesitation Beyonce stopped to hold open a door. A kind and thoughtful gesture. Thank-you.

10th June 2016

On Friday 10th June Key Stage 2 choir performed at Old School Close in celebration for the Queens 90th birthday. The children singing only had a week to prepare four songs to entertain the residents at the start of the party. With confidence, smiles and wonderful voices this group of children gave an inspiring performance, despite having to cope with traffic and technical issues.

May I also congratulate: James Thompson, Millie Brind, Jessica Porteous and Jodie Ludlow on their individual pieces that were also put together in less than a week. 

Congratulations to all of our choir for a memorable afternoon in which all of our staff were impressed with their mature behaviour.

Mr Thompsom, Mrs Foster and the absent Mrs Dennis

6th May 2016

Mrs. Burns would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Raul Ramzan (4C) on his recent achievements at Chess Club. He not only won every single game, earning himself the School Chess Champion Award 2016, but also gained entry to the Chess Mega Final held in Oxford on Saturday 30th April. There he performed brilliantly too, receiving a rosette for his efforts and a place at the Southern Giga Finals in July.

Who knows where he will go after that tournament - maybe the Tera Finals - a two day event held in August !!

Well Done Raul! Fantastic achievement - Keep it up

Mrs Burns.

28th April 2016

The staff in year 4 would like to congratulate all children in year 4, on their trip to Hazard Alley where they all demonstrated how mature and grown up they have become.

The children's behaviour was excellent and the staff at the centre commented on how inquisitive the children were.

Well Done Year 4 - the staff are all very proud of you !

5th January 2016

On Monday 25th January some extremely lucky members of our school choir travelled up to the O2 Arena in London!

The teachers who accompanied them would like to take this opportunity to congratulate them on being such wonderful ambassadors for our school. It was an extremely long day, but the children never once let themselves or the school down. From over 7000 children they stood out with their professionalism, their enthusiasm and their wonderfully smiley, happy faces! They sang with real energy and thoroughly enjoyed the experience! It was a real honour to be able to share this special day with them and we hope they will cherish the memory of performing in such a large and prestigious venue for many years to come.

Thank you for making us so proud!

Mrs Dennis, Mr Thompson, Mrs Foster and Mrs Styles.

21st January 2016

On Wednesday 20th January a select group of Year 6 pupils took part in the 2016 Mini Enterprise competition. Their business skills and knowledge were thoroughly tested throughout the competition that involved seven, well trained competing schools.

As well as being incredibly impressed by the success that the group achieved within the competition many of the event organisers and even teachers from other schools, commented on how impressed they were with the children from our school.

The enthusiasm demonstrated, combined with the mature and respectful manner by which they tackled the task was a joy to witness. It was wonderful to see the amount of fun that was had by all and that such a range of talents could be combined through exceptional teamwork and creativity. Huge congratulations to the team.

Mr Birdseye

17th December

We would like to congratulate the four Bridge Club members from Year 6 who went to the Oxford Bridge Club in November to take part in their first competition.

They played as two teams in the novice bidding section and came first and second.

Well Done Jon Wood, Freya Baldwin, Max Cronin and Karla Maria Unwin.

11th November 2015

All of the Year 2 staff would like to congratulate the children in Year 2 who visited the War Memorial for the Remembrance Service. They behaved beautifully and stood in silence for the two minutes listening with respect to the names read out by Reverand France.

Following the service, they sang 'We will Remember them' and 'In Flanders Fields' - a wonderful end to the service and trip. Well Done Year 2 !

5th October 2015

We would like to congratulate the KS1 children who spoke loudly and performed beautifully in our harvest assembly last Friday. We were very proud of them!

The year 2 staff would also like to congratulate the year 2 and year 6 children who went to St Hugh's Close to deliver Harvest boxes. They walked sensibly, behaved well and the Harvest boxes were politely handed to the elderly residents - who were delighted!

3rd September 2015

On behalf of the PTA 'Friends of Stokenchurch' and the school - Congratulations for the amount raised (£6500) at the Summer Fete. Thank you for all of the prize donations, the cakes and for attending and spending your time and money with us.

A special mention to Alisha Ramzan for her fantastic effort this year selling canvas bags that were all her own work.