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Please see our House Captains below


Our House Captains have been appointed, well done to Daniel, Olivia-Rose, Deacon, Natalia, Henry, Lilly, Hudson, Erin.

The 'weekly results speech' is a quick speech written by the House Captains. This is read out during Friday's assembly and is usually based around the class assemblies topic that is performing on that day.





Weekly Results Speech - 4951

Good work Nelson!

We're first again this week! With a Snowy total of 4951 house points. Keep building up your snowman and we'll stay at the top. Congratulations 4M on an entertaining assembly.




Weekly Results Speech - 4837

Well done Grenville we are trembling this week with a breaking total of 4837 house points. Keep climbing richter sales to be the most extreme disaster.

Great job 4M for a shaking assembly. Keep on adding them ground shaking house points.






Weekly Results Speech - 4772

We have been hit by a heavy thunder storm to make us go from 1st to 4th. We should make more house points, even though we have 4772 house points and maybe we can make the storm go away. Good job 4M for a thunder tastic assembly. I think we can get back on top 

Go Raliegh!


Weekly Results Speech -4839

Come on Drake we're 2nd this week with a firery total of 4839. Keep working towards those firy house points and we will erupt to the top of the leader board. Well done 4M for a burning assembly and don't forget