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Please see our House Captains below


Our House Captains have been appointed, well done to Daniel, Olivia-Rose, Deacon, Natalia, Henry, Lilly, Hudson, Erin.

The 'weekly results speech' is a quick speech written by the House Captains. This is read out during Friday's assembly and is usually based around the class assemblies topic that is performing on that day.





Weekly Results Speech - 7674

Come on Neptune Nelson were 3rd this week with a blasting total of 7674 house points. Keep shooting up those totals and we will reach the moon. 




Weekly Results Speech - 7773

Yes gravity Grenville we are 1st this week with a rocket total of 7773 house points.

One small house point for man one giant win for man kind 'oh' and Grenville.






Weekly Results Speech - 7556

Come on Raleigh rockets were 4th this week with a gravitational pulling of 7556 house points. Gravity will never keep us down. Well done Apollo 2B for an out of space assembly.  

Go Raliegh Rockets!


Weekly Results Speech -7709

Come on Drake were 2nd AGAIN this week with a astronomical total of 7709. Keep working towards those meteorites and we'll blast up to the moon and plant the Drake flag!

and don't forget