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Please see our House Captains below


Our House Captains have been appointed, well done to Conrad Bains, Zainab Nawaz, Billy Midgley, Henry Prince, Toby Shepard, Lizzie Smirnova, Aimee Lewis-Costello.

The 'weekly results speech' is a quick speech written by the House Captains. This is read out during Friday's assembly and is usually based around the class assemblies topic that is performing on that day.




Weekly Results Speech - 6224

Yes Nelson we're top this week with a life saving total of 6224 but we have to remember to look behind sometimes because Raleigh are close. Quick don't look behind you in any race at sports day! 



Weekly Results Speech - 6151

Come on Grenville! We're 3rd this week with a awesome total of 6151 house points! But don't worry, we're a super safe 65 house points ahead of last. We will never head down the dark alley of defeat. 4Y- you're safe as my favourite assembly. GO Grenville! Stay safe!





Weekly Results Speech - 6197

First of all Raleighleigh it's a hazard not to be first. Watch out for sharp objects.. like grenville approaching from below. By the way were 2nd. Make sure you look left and right before approaching the house cup. Also we've got a sturdy total of 6197. Keep adding house points to the grand total and be safe when visiting raleigh on house cup island.



Weekly Results Speech - 6086

Come on Drake were 4th this week with a hazardous total of 6086 house points. Keep putting those house points up but make sure to look both ways before collecting the points. Remember that slow and steady wins the cup. Well done 4Y for a life-saving assembly!