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23rd April Science Day

Today pupils at Stokenchurch Primary school have the opportunity to take part in their second 'curriculum day' of the academic year - this time focused on Science for the day!


Pupils will have a great opportunity to experience a range of interesting science experiments designed to allow pupils to improve their investigative skills. Pupils will also have the chance to view exciting scientific demonstrations within science assemblies arranged by visitors to the school showing off the dramatic effects that can be created through chemistry!


The day is themed around Willy Wonka's chocolate factory with Willy Wonka himself setting a range of experiments for pupils to help create new products and improve a new chocolate factory tour that Mr Wonka has planned. If you wish to follow along with the day's events (as Mr Wonka visits each year group throughout the day) then you can via the school website! A regularly updated blog that includes videos of experiments, interviews with pupils and pictures throughout the day will be available to be accessed - click here.


We hope the pupils have a great experience and hopefully learn to value science as a subject just that little bit more!

Mr Birdseye