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April 27, 2016



Reported by the News Hounds


Year 3 Exciting Egyptians

On Tuesday 15th March 2016,  the young year 3’s had an ‘exciting’ history day as Egyptians.

On this spectacular day all the children got to dress up as Ancient Egyptians. The Pharaoh got to sit on a thrown and others would be slaves and feed him. In the afternoon all of the children were split in to groups, some were making up a dance and some were making up a small play script to perform in front of the year group.

They all enjoyed themselves thanks to the history-off-the-page.


Back to the  40’s

On the 17th March 2016, year 6 went back in time to the 1940’s.

The date was the 12th October 1940. Going into class was extremely nerve racking as the teacher (Mr Hatfield) was very strict and you do not want to get the cane.

Unfortunately some got it!

In the afternoon it was shopping time and in amongst the citizens, shoppers, police officers and air raid wardens were the spies.



Ruthless Romans

On the 16th March 2016, year 4 had their ‘fascinating’ history day about the Romans.

The day included creating Roman goods and learning more about ‘great’ battles, significant events and Roman history. Year 4 had lots of fun role-playing as Roman ladies, men, merchants and slaves.


Vicious Vikings

On Monday 14th of March 2016 year 5 took part in their annual history day.

This year it was The Vikings.

In the morning they took part in a number of workshops where they learned the crafts of the era.

After lunch the lady made some real coins by melting down some metal.

Year 5 travelled forward in time to become archaeologists digging up clues from the past.


Reported by: Emma McNaught, Jess Taylor, Sophie Prince, Jon Wood, Finn Kerr and Josh Turner

January 29, 2016



Reported by the News Hounds


Choirs outing to the O2:

On the 25th of January 2016, 32 children from Stokenchurch choir went to the O2 in London. They travelled by coach and once they had arrived Mrs Dennis took loads of photos of them outside the arena. As they entered the arena the children were blown away with how big it was! They practiced all of the songs and once they had finished they had their dinner. After that, they all went back to the arena to take their seats. When the time was right, the adults got comfy and the children started to sing. The number 1 beat boxing group impressed the audience with their amazing beat boxing. Next the children started to sing with a famous singer named Michael. After that we sang some more and then a famous street dance

crew called the Urban Strides came on and started to dance. They were amazing! The finale stole the show, as we sang and danced to ‘River deep, mountain high’. A Fun filled day had by all !


It’s a Mini Enterprise!

On Wednesday the  20th of January, 8 lucky year 6 pupils were chosen to compete  in the  2016 mini enterprise, at Cressex school. It was all very tense. They had to make Japanese kimono dolls. It was really hard but they battled through, and at the end of the day they got the most creative team award. The team loved the intense atmosphere and the great opportunity that they were given.

Stokenchurch hopes to compete in more enterprises in the future.


Outside the O2

Astronomy Roadshow

Kimono Doll Making


The Astronomy Roadshow comes to Stokie:

On the 21st of January, years 5 & 6 had a special visit from the Astronomy Roadshow, which was all about the fascinating solar system and constellations. Everyone was amazed by how wondrous and enigmatic the show was.

“This was a very educational experience! I enjoyed this very much!” Nicole Brown-Goldsmith 6J.

The Roadshow told yr5 & 6 a lot about the galaxy and more about the universe than they even imagined.

We learnt so much !

The following year 5 and 6’s are in for a treat next year.


Reported by: Emma McNaught, Jess Taylor, Sophie Prince, Jon Wood, Finn Kerr and Josh Turner

January 12, 2016



Reported by the STOKIE STALKS


The Panto Comes To Stokie

On the 8th of January 2016 Stokenchurch Primary School had an amazing pantomime come to it's stage, this year it was Sleeping Beauty!

This hilarious production consisted of three magnificent actors who made the well known tale really come to life.

The story is about a princess and her father who were so poor they were forced to convert their palace into a hotel. They are planning a party for all of the land. They desperately needed a housekeeper but an evil fairy called Morbeth (who had previously cast a spell on beauty) turns up disguised. Despite her dodgy looks she was instantly taken in and given the title of housekeeper. Then out of the blue a panda turns up, he is called Bamboo. Bamboo played a key role in the funniest scene which was when he threw gigantic knickers and other oversized garments at the housekeeper. Soon after Morbeth gives Beauty a mysterious package with a spinning wheel inside. The reason for this strange gift was because of a spell, for the spell would send Beauty to sleep forever if she got pricked by the needle. In the end Morbeth stabs her with the gift before she is awoken by the Princes' kiss. A pixie called Pip has a cousin who knows a spell. Using this Pip, the Prince and Beauty use this spell, taking away Morbeths power and banishing her from the kingdom!

"The children could not stop laughing"

"A very enjoyable performance"


Behind The Scenes

The lucky Year 6's were granted permission to interview the actors that performed in the pantomime.

The questions were extremely hard and unique but the actors were able to answer them. The names of the actors -

  • Liz - The Director/Writer [In other performances as she is also an actor].
  • Rachael - Beauty/Princess
  • Alan - Pip/The Elf/Elderly King


She has performed in a variety of productions in front of huge audiences, including:

  • A midsummer night's dream by William Shakesphere.
  • Previous school productions e.g. Go for gold, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, and more !

Also she loves all other Fairy Tales possible but she really likes Frozen.


His favourite performance is coming out in November this year but sadly it was a mystery as to what it's name was. His favourite role in the performance was Pip the elf (this was so obvious).


The Princess

Fun Had By All !

Morbeth & Bamboo



Georges 3M - "When Bamboo was throwing underwear everywhere".

Olivia 3M - "Bamboo because he was so funny"


Marley 3M - The Princess, Thomas 4K - Pip, Anna 4K - Bamboo, Daniel 3M - Prince


Reported by: Emma McNaught, Jess Taylor, Sophie Prince, Jon Wood, Finn Kerr and Josh Turner