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Our new 2016 Year 6 Prefects have now been appointed...

Josh Campbell Hollie Cotton Flynn Hodgson Charlotte Kightley
Reilly Hudson Isabella Morrissey Alex Pitt Matthew Nugent
Tegan Rose Olivia Russell Clarissa Tilbury Zoe Weiss
Ellen Welsh Anna West Jessica Amey William Saint
Callum Barrett Keira Vogitzakis Finn Martin Millie Brind
Lottie Harrison Cameron Soan Jovey Lowry-Edwards Hafsah Shah
Jack Pearce Sophie Cook Hannah Baker Ruby Durden
Mysha Abdul-Hakeem Ivy Brake    

The Life of a Prefect - by Libby and Dan


Friday morning our names were called and we were given the news that we had been chosen to be Prefects. Each of us wanted this role and we were extremely proud to have been given this responsibility.

The role requires children who are responsible, hard working, kind and confident, which all of us are.

We each have a rota for Prefect duties which mean during break times we are prepared to give up our own time to help the school. Duties may include tidying the library or helping a class in the ICT suite.

We also get to show parents around on Open Day tours and we get given a special reward at the end of the term.

It may be hard work but it is worth it since it will boost our confidence. During our duties we are always learning, even though we are not in a classroom we are still learning new things but in a fun and different way.

We are always open to suggestions and always looking for new Prefects to join our crew.


by Libby & Dan

Head Boy & Head Girl