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Autumn 1 : We are Brilliant! 


Week 2 (10.09.18) We are starting School – Learning routines and settling in

Week 3 (17.09.18) We are all special!  - All about ourselves

Week 4 (24.09.18) We are all unique! – Celebrating diversity, culture, food and traditions

Week 5 (01.10.18) We all fit together – About our families

Week 6 (08.10.18) We are all a community – About our local area and where we live

Week 7 (15.10.18) We are all friends – Learning about friendships


For our week on ‘We are all special’  we would like to share photographs of each other as a baby and where possible try to match the photograph up with the child! Please could you send in a photograph of your child when they were younger (clearly named on the back) by Wednesday 19th.


Week by week ideas for parents and children to follow at home:


Look through old baby photographs of each other – discuss how you’ve each changed

Talk about who is in your family – draw a simple family tree together

Think about how people are different

Share books about the body e.g. Funnybones

Order pictures of the people in your house by height

What is your address/telephone number? When walking/driving in the car talk about the journey

What sorts of houses do you get?

What sound does you name begin with?

Explore your senses through feely bags and smelly bottles

Talk about healthy eating and the importance of exercise on our bodies

Make an obstacle course in the garden