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WOW work

Incredible Containers 


Year 5 have completed some wonderful pieces of art. Please feel free to have a look at their finished artwork which was influenced by the artist Kate Malone. 



WOW Writing!


Year 5 have been working extremely hard on their myths and legends. Please find below some examples of exceptional writing. All children put so much hard work and effort into these and they should all feel proud of what they have achieved!




Below are some examples of sentences written independently by children in 5C. The children were given a short extract from a legend that we had been learning about in English. They then had to re-write this extract in their own words, adding detail and description.


  • Exhausted, the fearless Sir Gawain continued his venture, dwelling in the loneliness of the gloomy forest.
  • Spread across the evergreen forest, many evil creatures roamed the land.
  • Finally, the joy of Christmas came!
  • Still Sir Gawain kept travelling. Still sleeping outside. Still suffering from starvation.
  • In one fluid motion, the knight ran the wolf through, ending its life.
  • As the sun melted into a sea of blood red, the night cast its dark shadow across the sky.
  • Sir Gawain rode through the misty forest and he imagined the trees were haunting him and judging each step he took in their home.
  • Despite his hunger, the gallantry of this brave warrior allowed him to push on.
  • At cock crow, he set off again on his venture.
  • When he set off, he knew danger was lurking around him.
  • Lumbering along is next to his horse, the knight stumbled onto the pathway.
  • As scary as ear piercing thunder on a dark, stormy night…