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Year 2

Year 2 Homework


Year 2 children will be set a piece of English and Maths homework each Thursday which we will ask children to hand in the following Tuesday.

Please ask your children to spend no longer than 20 minutes on each piece of homework. If they haven’t finished, it is fine to hand in what they have managed to complete in the 20 minutes.


Date: Thursday 24th January 2019

Date due: Tuesday 29th January 2019


English Workabook - Having fun with words

P19a,b and c

Pages 60-61



Maths Workabook -Symmetrical or not?

T22 page 77



We would like the children to practice 2, 5 and 10 times tables using Rock Stars Times Tables  


For maths support try looking at our new maths tutorial videos created by pupils to show methods taught in school. Click here.


There will be a spelling test every Friday morning. Children then stick their new spellings into their homework diaries. Spellings can be found on the Year 2 web page. smiley