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Date given: 17.10.18

Date due:  30.10.18


Half Term Homework

This half term, there are no Workabook activities set. Instead, over half term, we would like the children to complete two homework tasks:


  1. Complete the book review handed out in class. There are spare, downloadable copies at the bottom of this page.
  2. Write and decorate a poem inspired by one of the topics we have learnt about this half term. You can be as creative or inventive as you like.

In case you need a reminder about the topics we have covered, they are:

  • RE: Hinduism – Diwali
  • History: Prehistoric Britain – The Stone Age
  • Science: Rocks, soils and fossils
  • English: Mary Anning the Fossil Hunter


For maths support try looking at our new maths tutorial videos created by pupils to show methods taught in school. Click here.


In Year 3, the recommendation is that children spend around 15-20 minutes on each piece of homework. We thank you for your support. Please also encourage about 10 minutes daily reading and also time practising their weekly Spellings.


Thank you.