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Year 3

Early Summer News


Albeit a shorter one, this half term is proving to be no less busy! The children are continuing to work hard on their studies, both in school and at home (thank you for your support with their weekly homework). After yesterday’s inspiring presentation from Alex Gregory, MBE, we think many children will be trying even harder at a new sport or activity to see if they too can reach the top! No better time to begin than with our Interhouse tournaments in a couple of weeks’ time! So too our Sports Day and swim season – both taking place after half term.


In the classroom, we have lots of different topics to look forward to: Legends and then Information Leaflets in English, a variety of Maths topics including multiplication, division and fractions amongst others, Plants in Science and in Art, ‘Can we change places?’ Additionally, we have our trip to The Look Out Discovery Centre next month, where the children will be able to enjoy a variety of Science activities in a very different – and very exciting - setting.


Since we are anticipating some warmer days this term, could we please encourage you to send your child to school with a bottle of water and a named sunhat (SPS bottles and caps are available from the Office) and could we ask, please, that any cream (including suntan lotion and lipsalve) is applied before the children arrive at school. Could we also politely remind you to sign your child’s homework diary each weekend to acknowledge receipt of letters and completion of homework.



Thank you for your continued support.


Mrs. Burns, Miss Morris, Miss Simmie, Mrs. Toole, Mr. Goddard, Ms. O'Connor



Snow Day

In the event of school closure due to adverse weather conditions, please could we ask that the children complete the following:



With a ruler (and a sharp pencil!), draw a picture of a wintry/snowy object e.g. a snowman, using a variety of different 2D shapes. Label each shape and mark on all the right angles.



Write a list of adjectives to describe a snowy/wintry scene e.g. white, glistening etc. You may like to use a thesaurus to find different words. Your challenge is to be the person in your class with the most words!

As an additional challenge, you may like to write a short, descriptive paragraph (3 or 4 sentences) using some of the words from your list. 


Please bring your work in to school on the first day back.