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Year 3



Welcome to a new academic year and welcome to Year 3!

Over the course of the year, news and information will be posted here, which we hope will help to keep you informed of what is happening in school. 

Additionally, we would like to invite you to attend the Parents Meeting to be held on Tuesday 12th September at 7pm, which will allow you to meet your child's class teacher, view their classroom and find out more about the year that lies ahead. 


We look forward to meeting you on Tuesday. 


Mrs. Burns, Miss Churn, Miss Killen, Mrs. Stevens, Mrs. Burch



Snow Day

In the event of school closure due to adverse weather conditions, please could we ask that the children complete the following:



With a ruler (and a sharp pencil!), draw a picture of a wintry/snowy object e.g. a snowman, using a variety of different 2D shapes. Label each shape and mark on all the right angles.



Write a list of adjectives to describe a snowy/wintry scene e.g. white, glistening etc. You may like to use a thesaurus to find different words. Your challenge is to be the person in your class with the most words!

As an additional challenge, you may like to write a short, descriptive paragraph (3 or 4 sentences) using some of the words from your list. 


Please bring your work in to school on the first day back.