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Year 4

Year 4 Homework


Homework set on Thursday 16th November

Homework due in on Tuesday 21st November



This week we would like the children to show their understanding of a text. Please can they work on Practising Language P5 a, b, c on pages 27-28 'The Dog's Dinner'.



This week, we would like the children to complete Practice Exercise P2 a, b, c on pages 18. This exercise revisits place value and the concept of counting on and back in 1s, 10s and 100s.  Please could they also take a look at Learning Task L15 on p. 9. Thank you. 



In Year 4, children should spend between 20 - 30 minutes on each piece of homework. In addition, they should aim to read for about 10 minutes each day, as well as practise their spellings and times tables regularly throughout the week. 


Thank you for your support.