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Year 4



Year 4 Homework


Homework set on Friday 19th October

Homework due in on Wednesday 31st October


Over half term we would like Year 4 children to carry out research about the digestive system. Possible topics for children to find out about include:


  • The function of different organs (stomach, large intestine, small intestine).
  • Duration of digestion.
  • Fascinating facts.
  • History.


We would love children to present their work in a creative way, possibly on a poster or as a leaflet.




For Maths support try looking at our new Maths tutorial videos created by pupils to show methods taught in school. Click here.



In Year 4, children should spend between 20 - 30 minutes on each piece of homework. In addition, they should aim to read for about 10 minutes each day, as well as practice their spellings and times tables regularly throughout the week. 


Thank you for your support.