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Year 6


Year 6 Homework 



English - Pupils have been provided a template to complete a reading and writing project (linked to upcoming World Book Day) that has 3 parts.


1) Pupils have been asked to read any Roald Dahl book of their choice and write a book review using helpful questions provided on the inside of one side of their book cover template.


2) Pupils have been asked to complete biographical research on the illustrator Quentin Blake. They have been encouraged to present this information on the inside of their book cover template next to their book review.


3) On the outside of their book cover template, pupils have been asked to redesign the front and back cover of a Roald Dahl book (including rewritten blurb).


We're looking forward to seeing the detail in written work alongside the creative presentation this project should allow!


Maths - Pupils have been assigned a Mathletics reasoning test relating to class learning and recent test practice. Pupils should access their accounts to complete the differentiated tasks set.


For maths support try looking at our new maths tutorial videos created by pupils to show methods taught in school. Click here.


The differentiated homework tasks should be completed to be reviewed in class on Monday 19/02/18.