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Year 6


Year 6 Homework 


Pupils have been set a 'fact file' project homework this week that links to both English and geography classwork. All pupils have been tasked with creating (and presenting) a fact file report on a famous explorer from history - preferably someone that ventured to either a Rainforest or Antarctica e.g. Robert Scott or Sir Ernest Shackleton. Children have been advised that all project work should be of their best standard and this homework piece should represent that in both content and presentation. Work can be presented as a booklet, a leaflet, detailed poster page or PowerPoint presentation. The use of ICT for research and presentation has been encouraged! It has been made clear that pupils should spend 60 minutes on this homework.


Please note that homework has been set on 14/09/17 and will be due in on Tuesday 19/09/17. 


Please note your child should spend 60 minutes on this homework. If they have any questions, their teacher will always be available to help during a break or lunchtime!