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Week starting 18th January 2021

Hi Year 6,


Well done, week 2 completed! Again, we have uploaded the whole week’s work but any last minute changes will be highlighted in red. We have had to change our timetable slightly so the 'Share your work Zoom' now happens on a Tuesday afternoon and the Maths and English sessions have swapped around. You will now have English first and Maths second. 


The exciting news is that we are now having more regular Zoom Live Lessons. They will always be at 11am and eventually will be daily but to start with we are having them on Monday and Friday this week. The login details can be found in the ParentMail that was sent out last Wednesday and the login details will stay the same for every future Zoom session. Please ensure you have read through the rules before joining your first session. The Live Lessons are open for all pupils from both Pear and Prunus class to attend. Sessions will start as promptly as possible at the time indicated. If you are having any technical difficulties, then please email us and we will try and help.


We are also continuing our Zoom 'Share your work' session on Tuesday at 1:30pm. ALL Y6 CHILDREN ARE INVITED TO ATTEND and this week we'd like children with surnames E-J to prepare something to share with the rest of the year group. (More details on the Tuesday info below).


Over the next fortnight, we will try and ring home to speak to you to see how you're getting on. Here is when you can expect your call:


Surnames A-E:

Wednesday 20th Jan - afternoon

Surnames F-M:

Thursday 21st Jan - afternoon

Surnames N-Z:

Friday 22nd Jan - afternoon


Surnames A-E:

Wednesday 27th Jan - afternoon

Surnames F-M :

Thursday 28th Jan - afternoon

Surnames N-Z:

Friday 29th Jan - afternoon

We've received lots of lovely emails this week and have started sharing some Wow Work here - can you get your work on our board? Please keep emailing us at with any questions, work you want to share or just to say hello!


Happy Birthday to Sienna, Ivy and Kai who turn 11 this week!



From the Y6 Team


Monday 18th:


Tuesday 19th:

  • PE with Joe Wicks – time to warm up for the day. As there is no live session, why not try an old one?
  • English – Spelling Test – we have recorded this week's spelling test so you can listen and write down the words and then mark it. Please email us you score so we can keep track! Then start practising your new spellings – the list is here.
  • Stokie Second
  • Maths - Start by completing 10 minutes of Rockstars. National Oak Academy: Lesson 1 - Missing angles and lengths – Find the value of missing angles (MUST - complete Questions 1-4, SHOULD - complete all questions, COULD - try 'Sports Update' in The Maths Herald issue 28.) If you're eager for more work to challenge you, try another activity (or two!) from The Maths Herald issue 28. You could do an extra challenge each day! We'll try and upload a new one next week.
  • French – To be updated...
  • Share your work Zoom at 1:30pm – All Y6s are invited to attend! This week we are asking children with surnames beginning with E-J to share a piece of work you are proud of with the rest of Year 6 so please be ready! The Zoom login is the same as our new Year 6 one which was emailed to parents last week. 
  • PE – Mr Williams has set us a PE challenge linking PE and Maths.


Wednesday 20th:


Thursday 21st:


Friday 22nd:


Don't forget to email us with some examples of your work - we expect at least one piece of work per week to be emailed in!

Tuesday 5th January 2021


For those children who are not in school today, please complete the following National Oak Academy lessons (as recommended by DfE) which are in-line with our current curriculum.



Lesson 1 - Spiderman - Journalistic Writing - To analyse the features of a newspaper report



Lesson 1 - Calculation Problems - Understanding which operations have equal priority



Lesson 1 - Hinduism - How did Hinduism begin and develop as a religion?

Happy New Year Year 6. 


As we now have moved to remote learning until further notice, all lessons and resources will be in our  'Home Learning' folder. Please follow the timetable and links provided and email us if you have any queries ( 


Many thanks for your continued support and understanding.


Year 6 Team