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04.05.20 - Science

Science - Animals Including Humans


Monday 4th May:

Task 1: Flower Dissection - Naming the part of a plant's reproductive system
☼ Access 'How do flowering plants reproduce?' on the BBC Bitesize website by clicking here.
☼ Watch the video, read the information and complete the two short activities on the page.
☼ Label the reproductive parts of a flower using the resources below.

  • Must: Label the reproductive parts of a flower using the resource sheet.
  • Should: As above, and explain the function of each part.
  • Could: As above, and find a flower to dissect (make sure you ask an adult if it's okay to pick it first). There are links to a website and video below to help guide your investigation.



Tuesday 5th May:

Task 1: Human Timeline - How humans change as they develop into old age

This lesson contains some sensitive topics which we advise an adult at home to look through before you complete the lesson. This lesson should be completed with an adult, but is part of the statutory requirements from the National Curriculum for Science and is based on non-statutory guidance. If you have any queries or questions regarding this lesson before completing it, please email us using the Year 5 email address (
☼ Read through the presentation 'Human Timeline' (available to download below). Anything in red highlights something that may be sensitive and should be discussed with an adult.
☼ Complete the Stages of Human Growth and Development Timeline activity (available to download below).

  • Must: Cut and paste/copy and complete the Stages of Human Growth and Development sheet identifying the names of the main stages of life (available to download below).
  • Should: As above, but include approximate ages as well as the names of the main stages.
  • Could: As above, and identify which stages you and other people in your family are at.


Thursday 7th May:

Task 1: Growth of Babies - Scientific Enquiry
☼ Read through the PowerPoint ‘Growth of Babies’ (available to download below).

☼ Use the data in the Data resource (available below) to create two different graphs.

  • Must: Create two different graphs to show the data from the presentation.
  • Should: As above, and complete the 'Presenting Data Using Graphs' activity sheet (available to download below).
  • Could: As above, and complete the 'Analysing Growth of a Baby Data' activity sheet (available to download below).