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06.07.20 - RE

RE - Peace


There are also some bonus challenge cards for you to download and complete if you fancy some extra to do! 


Monday 6th July:

Task 1: Inner Peace

☼ Work through the PowerPoint 'Inner Peace', reading the information carefully.

Task 2: Mindfulness Activity

☼ Download the mindfulness activity and complete it in a quiet space, inside or outside.

Task 3: Mindfulness Reflections

☼ Choose Level 1 (★), Level 2 (★★) or Level 3 (★★★) and complete a reflection about the time you spent doing the mindful activity. 


Tuesday 7th July:

Task 1: Community Cohesion

☼ Work through the PowerPoint 'Community Cohesion'. Read each slide carefully, and complete the Role Card Activity on slide 7 (role cards can be downloaded below).

Task 2: Pyramid of Actions

☼ Download the Pyramid of Actions and the Actions worksheet (available below). Choose Level 1 (★), Level 2 (★★) or Level 3 (★★★) and complete the pyramid.


Thursday 9th July:

Task 1: Symbols of Peace
☼ Work through the PowerPoint 'Symbols of Peace'.

Task 2: Peace Symbols worksheet

☼ Download and complete the Create Your Own Symbol of Peace worksheet.