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08.02.21 - Maths Games and Wellbeing

Due to wellbeing week this week, we only have two Maths sessions, both of which will be more relaxed activities and there will also be two Zooms to accompany them - we would love to see you there at the usual time!


Tuesday 9th February:

Task 1: Choose and play a game from the 'Play' section on Mathletics.

Task 2: Mindful maths colouring and games

- If you'd like a little extra to do, or cannot join the Zoom call today, there are some mindful colouring times table sheets that you can download below.

- If you're joining us on the Zoom call, all you'll need is something to write with and something to write on!


Wednesday 10th February:

Task 1: Spend 5-10 minutes practising your times tables on TTRockStars.

Task 2: The mystery of the locked cupboard

- If you're not able to join us on the Zoom call today, you can download the mystery and have a go below.

- If you're joining us on the Zoom call, we're going to solve the mystery together by working in teams!