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11.05.20 - DT

Design Technology - STEM Activity​​​​​​


Monday 11th May:

Task 1: Design a roller coaster
☼ Download the Design and Build Your Own Rollercoaster PowerPoint (available below).
☼ Work through slides 1 - 6, completing the activities as you go (materials, tests and design).

☼ Optional: research what makes a good rollercoaster using your online research skills.
☼ Using the Design Sheets (available below), design your rollercoaster. Remember to plan out any materials. You may have to get creative with the materials - think about what you could recycle in your home. For example, instead of plastic tubing, is there some old or spare hosepipe you could use? (Make sure to ask before you use things.)


Tuesday 12th May:

Task 1: Construction Time - Build your rollercoaster
☼ Have a look at slide 7 of the PowerPoint below. Slide 8 reminds you to do a big reveal and test your finished design. 
☼ Get building! Remember to check with an adult before you use any materials, and make sure there's adult supervision when using sharp tools to cut or hot glue, if you choose to. 

☼ Remember to take a picture of your finished project. You could even record a video of it in action. We'd love to see these - email us on the Year 5 email address. It'll also be helpful to have a record for the evaluation session on Thursday.


Thursday 14th May:

Task 1: Evaluate your rollercoaster design
☼ Look at Slide 9 of the PowerPoint.

☼ Use the Evaluation Sheets (available below) to evaluate your design.