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15.06.20 - Art

Art - Artists and Styles


Monday 15th June:

Task 1: M.C. Escher

☼ Work through slides 1 - 8 of the M.C. Escher & Tessellations PowerPoint available below.

☼ Create a quick fact file, spider diagram or poster about M.C. Escher using the following questions to guide some independent research:

  • Who was M.C. Escher?
  • When was he born? How long did he live for?
  • Which country did he come from?
  • Where did he live?
  • What he famous for any other types of art other than tessellations? If so, what?


  • Are there any other famous tessellation artists? If so, who are they?

Task 2: Tessellations

☼ Work through the rest of the PowerPoint, and follow the instructions to create your own piece of tessellation artwork.

☼ Send your final pieces to the Year 5 email address for us to have a look!


Tuesday 16th June:

Task 1: René Margritte & Surrealism

☼ Work through the René Margritte and Surrealism PowerPoint available below.

☼ Create a quick fact file, spider diagram or poster about surrealism using the following questions to guide some independent research:

  • What is surrealism?
  • When was it popular or invented?
  • Who were other famous surrealist artists? What were some their famous pieces called?
  • Are there any common themes or objects? What might they be?


  • Have a look at some other surrealist art using your research skills online (make sure that you are supervised by an adult for this bit).

​​​​​​​Task 2: Create your own surrealist masterpiece!

☼ You can use any materials you have at home such as colouring pencils, paint, pastels, and so on. You could even create a landscape and then cut out pictures or objects from magazines or newspapers and stick them on - make sure you ask an adult before you get snip-happy!

☼ Send us your bizarre creations to the Year 5 email address!


Thursday 18th June:

Task 1: Romare Bearden & Collage
☼ Work through the Romare Bearden and Collage PowerPoint available below.

Task 2: Create your own collage

☼ Romare was inspired heavily by the jazz music scene. What inspires you? 

☼ Think of a theme for your work, and then create a collage inspired by the theme you have chosen. It could be animals, sport, music, and so on. 

☼ Consider whether you want to create a 'scene' (more like a landscape) using whole or parts of objects and people in a recognisable way, or a 'portrait' of a particular object using different shapes, colour and textures from parts of images.

☼ Send us your finished pieces to the Year 5 email address!