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22.06.20 - Art

Art - Artists and Styles


Monday 22nd June:

Task 1: Roy Lichtenstein

☼ Work through the Roy Lichtenstein PowerPoint available below.

Task 2: Pop Art

☼ Using what you have learnt (and some Ben Day dots), create your own pop art masterpiece.

  • Below, there art some pop art colouring sheets that you can either use for inspiration, or practice your pop art colouring skills.
  • You may choose to create your own design by making a line drawing, and then filling in the spaces using appropriate colours, Ben Day dots, bold outlines, and maybe some stripes of colour.

☼ Send pictures of your final pieces to the Year 5 email address for us to have a look!


Tuesday 23rd June:

Task 1: Art Deco Information and Designs

☼ Work through Art Deco Information and Designs PowerPoint available below.

Task 2: Art Deco Activities

☼ Download the Art Deco Activities Booklet available below.

☼ There is some further information for you to look through - much of it you might have already learnt!

☼ There are five activities in the booklet for you to have a go at. You can have a go at just one or two, or try all five! You may complete them in any order you choose.


Thursday 25th June:

Task 1: Paper Quilling
☼ Work through the Paper Quilling PowerPoint available to download below. 

Task 2: Create your own paper quill design

☼ You will need lots of strips of coloured paper and some glue to create your design. A good width to cut the strips is 1cm, but you can experiment with this to find what works for you. You'll also need some glue, and lots of patience (especially while holding pieces in place while you wait for them to dry enough so that they stay put)! 

☼ This website explains briefly how to create a variety of different shapes after you have made your initial coil. Don't worry - you don't need any specialist tools. You can just roll the paper in your fingers, or use a toothpick, skewer, needle (or similar) to get you started. 

☼ Choose a simple design. It could be the first initial of your name, a simple shape such as a heart, or (if you're feeling brave and confident) an easily recognisable animal.

☼ Send us pictures of your finished pieces to the Year 5 email address!