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23.03.20 - History



Monday 23rd March:

Task 1: Viking runes (resource sheet provided in pack issued on Friday - found on the reverse side of the longboat instructions).

  • Must: write your name in Viking runes
  • Should: write a secret message
  • Could: Create a Viking alphabet poster (think: a is for apple)


Tuesday 24th March:

Task 1: Danegeld (information pack and activity sheet included in pack issued on Friday)

Read through the information pack (available to download below). Complete the activity sheet in your exercise book. We recommend writing the short date, subject and focus on the page to help you keep track.

  • Must: Match the verses of the poem to the key events.
  • Should: Create a timeline of events that led to the Viking settlement of Britain (consider the learning we have already done in the classroom).
  • Could: Complete the 3 Star activity sheet available below.



Thursday 26th March:

Task 1: Build a Viking longboat (issued in packs on Friday)

Send us a picture of your completed creation.

Task 2: Research Viking longboats. How were they designed? What advantages did they have? Did they have any weaknesses? Write a short information text (you may choose to include labelled diagrams) describing the longboats' features and how they were used by the Vikings.