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30.03.20 - Healthy Me

Our PSHE topic this term is called 'Healthy Me'.


Wednesday 1st April:

 Task 1: The Recovery Position

On your trip to Hazard Alley in Year 4, you may have learnt how to put someone who needs help in the recovery position if they are breathing, but not responding to you. Below, you will find a PowerPoint from St. John's Ambulance, reminding you how to put someone safely into the recovery position. If you can, have a go at putting someone at home into the recovery position - we would love to see pictures of you in action!

 Task 2: Emergency Situation Cards

Read through the Emergency Situation Cards (available to download below). Choose one, and draw a sequence of events for what to do in the situation as a storyboard (storyboard template also available below). Make your drawings really detailed and add detailed descriptions to go with the pictures you draw. We would also love to see these - send us a picture!