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Great Fire of London


Can you create a fabulous poster which shows facts all about the Great Fire of London?

You might like to write and draw pictures or you can also use the computer if you would like to.


Look at the photo slide show on the Year 2 home page to remind you of some of the activities we did on our history day.


We look forward to seeing your poster when you return to school.








This week we have been learning about Kenya and have been comparing Kenya with the UK. Today's focus is map reading and using compass directions. Please read through the below power point and then choose worksheet 4A, 4B or 4C to complete. Please note that 4C is the most challenging.

If you finish this work, you might like to create a 'windy day' picture. Make sure you stay inside and stay safe!












Our new blocked curriculum unit is 'EXPLORERS' Can you research and make a poster about Neil Armstrong who was the first man to walk on the moon? When you return to school, it would be brilliant if you could share your learning with the class and we will display your poster for all to see and admire. Have fun!













Science - Growing Up. Please look at the pictures and then order the labels from baby to elderly person. Look at the 'I wonder' baby questions prompts and complete each statement with something you would like to find out. Investigation to complete with your family...DO ALL OUR BODY PARTS GROW AS WE GET OLDER? This lesson gives children the opportunity to carry out an investigation. In this lesson children investigate questions about growing. By the end of this lesson they have collected and presented data, and looked for patterns.

Read through the power point together.



In the afternoons this week, we are practising our Christmas production words and songs. Please practice saying your words loudly and try to learn them off by heart. If your child has left their words in school, let us know and we'll email a copy to you.

Thank you!



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