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Below are the topics the children cover in History in different year groups. Each year group have a history day and you can also see which topic is related to each history day. 


EYFS (F1 and F2):

  • People and Communties
  • The World

(These include a Historical context of relating to the children's lives and the lives of their families)


Year 1:

  • Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot
  • The lives of Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II (History day related to this topic)
  • Seaside holidays now and then


Year 2:

  • Remembrance Day
  • Explorers: Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong
  • The Great Fire of London (History day related to this topic)


Year 3:

  • Stone Age
  • An in-depth study of achievements of an early civilization, Ancient Egypt (History day related to this topic)


Year 4:

  • Bronze Age and Iron Age to follow on from Year 3
  • Roman Empire and Impact on Britain and the Celts (History day related to this topic)


Year 5:

  • Vikings, Anglo-Saxons and Scots (History day related to this topic)
  • An in-depth study of Ancient Greece


Year 6:

  • Non European Society, the Mayan Civilisation
  • Study of British History which comes beyond 1066 (Tudors,WW2 and Local History) - WW2 (History day related to this topic)