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Day to Day


A predictable daily work routine provides an orderly framework for children’s activities.  The routine allows time for individual, small group and large group activities and includes the following components:


Circle Time

This involves adults and children, with action songs, introducing new activities and sharing common experiences.



Planning Time

Children make decisions about where they are going to work and staff encourage and support them as they develop and clarify their ideas.


Work Time

This is the longest period of time during which children carry out their original plan or choose new activities, including working outside if they wish.  Staff actively observe and support children in learning new skills and exploring new materials.


Recall Time

Staff help children recall and speak about their activities during Work Time, sharing ideas within their group and encouraging speaking and listening skills.


Small Group Time

This is an adult-initiated activity.  Staff plan these activities to ensure that all areas of the curriculum are covered.


To encourage children’s self reliance and purposeful play, our space is divided into areas which reflect the areas of learning.  Each is stocked with a variety of materials, equipment and tools.  These areas are well organised, labelled and accessible to the children so that they may all work in them independently.  Children learn best in an environment which is stimulating but ordered, one in which they can make choices and then follow them through.  Our room arrangement is designed to encourage both social interaction and solitary play and to provide comfortable spaces for both individual and group activities.


Our aim is to ensure that by the end of nursery, our children are well prepared for the transition into full-time school. We work hard and take pride in the transition arrangements that are put into place and observe those moving across from our nursery into our reception classes do so with real confidence.