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Did you know…


Over half of 3 to 4-year olds use tablets.

28% of 10-year olds have a social media profile.

8 in 10 aged 5 to 15-year olds regularly use YouTube to watch short clips/programmes.


Children can now have a digital footprint before they learn to speak and often before they’re even born. To make the most of the internet, children need to be able to make smart decisions as unfortunately, technology often provides the platform that facilitates harm.


This important initiative is to raise awareness about being safe when using the internet. Online safety for everyone is important, but online safety for young people of school age is crucial. Finding ways to warn of the dangers of invasive online activity is essential, but keeping abreast of the continually evolving online platforms can be a challenge.


Now is the perfect time to reflect on and review your online safety. Please work with us to make our children safe.


We would encourage you to read up on the challenges faced by young children and how best to deal with them. We have also created an e-safety checklist for you to complete in order to best protect your child.


In school, your children will be undertaking age-appropriate e-safety activities delivered through their ICT and/or PSHE lessons.


Many thanks for your continued support.