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For English this week please use the resources and follow the guidance below. For additional support please contact the Year 5 team via the year group email address and someone will respond as soon as possible.




All resources required for each session are available to download at the bottom of this page.


Please note, answers for the 'Booklet' have also been uploaded as the 'Answer Booklet' resource.

Monday 14th December

Following on from our work in English where we looked at an alternative version of Little Red Riding Hood told from the wolf's point of view, we would like you this week to explore, plan and write your own twist on a traditional tale.

- Below are some examples of traditional tales. Choose one to read that you think you could put your own twist on (or you can choose one of your own).

- Storyboard the key events from the original version using writing and pictures.

Tuesday 15th December

Now you have chosen a tale to twist, plan your new version of the story using the planning sheet below. There is a short presentation to read through and a planning sheet to help guide your ideas.

- If you want to follow a similar twist to The Wolf's Story, think about which characters viewpoint you could write from. For example, one of the bears in Goldilocks; the turnip in The Enormous Turnip; or the troll under the bridge in The Three Billy Goats Gruff.

- If you would like to, you could choose a twist of your own. For example, mordernising the tale; changing the ending; adding a Christmassy theme.

Wednesday 16th December

Today is writing day - follow your plan and use the features check list to check that your tale is still traditional (or close enough).

- Make sure you remember all the features of good writing (e.g. punctuation, grammar and description).

- Send your final stories to the Year 5 email address ( - we'll share some of our favourites on the website!


Thursday 17th December

Time for some Christmas-themed English. Download the Booklet and have a go at some of the activities. You can choose two or three that look interesting, or go all out and complete the whole book! 

- The answer booklet is also available below - just make sure you wait until you have finished to have a peek!

Friday 18th December

Following on from your joke writing yesterday afternoon, can you work out which jokes are being told in the SPAG activity below?

- Download the booklet and, once you've worked out the jokes, test them on your family to see if you can get a laugh!