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Week commencing 1st March:

(Please find previous week's learning tasks at the bottom of this page)


Monday 1st March

LO: To explore the functions of fronted adverbials


Please follow the link to today's SPAG lesson on fronted adverbials:


Tuesday 2nd March

LO: To understand a text


Follow this link to listen to the story of The Scarab's Secret by Nick Would:


Now answer these comprehension questions about the story


Wednesday 3rd March

LO: To plan a short story


Follow this link to watch Miss Morris's English lesson on how to plan your own short story:



Thursday 4th March


Happy World Book Day!

We will be celebrating as a school next Thursday when we are all back in school together. We would love to create our own Year 3 book of stories so we would like you to complete today's short stories and send them to us.


LO: To write a short story


Using your plan from yesterday’s lesson we would now like you to write your own version of The Scarab’s Secret.


Don’t forget to include some interesting adjectives and adverbs. Can you include some exciting sentence starters (fronted adverbials) too?


Remember you are Khepri the scarab beetle!


You might choose to illustrate your story too!


Send us your finished short stories at



Friday 5th March

LO: To recognise and use ei, y and other tricky words


Please complete the spellings work to support learning your spellings for next week.


Today's focus is ei, y and other tricky words

New Spellings for this term can be found here.