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Dear parents


Welcome back – we hope you all enjoyed your half-term break. So we head into our final half-term of the school year and a favourite topic of ours in ‘People Who Help Us’. We hope to encompass the following across the next few weeks however at this point unfortunately we are unable to confirm which job we shall be covering in which week as we await confirmation of dates for some special visitors (medical worker, firefighter, police, teacher). We hope you understand.


Week 34 (04.06.19) Introduction to People Who Help Us

Week 36 (17.06.19)

Week 37 (24.06.19)

Week 38 (01.07.19)

Week 39 (08.07.19)

Week 40 (15.07.19) Transition

Week 41 (22.07.19) Transition        


As always, we encourage our children to be as involved as possible, so if you have any topical story books, listening tapes, resources etc. we would love to take a look. If you know anyone that would be able to/willing to come in and give us a little chat about their job we would love to invite them in…even if they are not on the initial proposed list!


Ideas for parents:

Talk about different occupations and how people help us on a day-to-day basis

What would your child like to be/do when they grow up?

Do your children know what you do for a job?

Can you use the internet to research about different people’s jobs?

Set up different scenarios…who do you need if you’ve hurt your knee?

Does your child know the importance of 999 and when to call?

Can your child recite their address/phone number in case of an emergency?


Shared circle:

Advanced date for your diary…our very last shared circle is currently planned for Thursday 18th July.