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Foundation 2

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Autumn Term 2 


Tuesday is December 1st and each class has decorated their door ready for the Christmas Door competition. In true early years style, our doors have been decorated using creations made by our creative children. 


On the newsletter it had our key dates:

Christmas Lunch - 9th December

Christmas Jumper Day - 11th December

Christmas Party - 15th December

Christmas Crafternoon - 17th December





Please save any empty boxes to bring in for 3D modelling next week. Each class has a new Santa's workshop in the role play area where the elves (your children) will be wrapping presents. We would also love donations of any spare wrapping paper.



The children are making good progress with their reading. Some are developing their tricky word recognition and all of them are applying their phonic knowledge. Developing a love of books is the most important part of 'reading' at this stage. They all develop at different rates and it is fantastic to see every child make progress at their own pace.


COVID-19 Book system VERSION 3!!


Monday Your child will take home a library book from our library.

Please return the following Monday.

Tuesday Your child will take home a reading book to keep until Friday

Wed/ThursFriFri Your child will take home a book that they have read in school to keep for the weekend and return on the Monday.


Please sign the reading record and write a comment, if you have time, every time you read with them.


We would love it if you could share a book from home, or from the library, with your child every day.

We recommend that you use a variety of real books (not just from a purchased reading scheme) to enjoy together and to talk about. They are so much more enjoyable than scheme books and introduces your children to a variety of authors, genres and plots that they can use in their story writing and role play.


We have enabled every child to have access to Phonics Bug (Active Learn)

To log in: Go to - 

User name: please see post on Tapestry for user name - this will be sent home in book bags too!

Password: 12345 (you can change this once logged in for the first time.

School Code: rmnh

You should then have access to online reading books, once you have completed a level you can move on to the next.
There are also phonics games to complete for each phonics phase.

We encourage you to share your child's progress in reading at home, post this on Tapestry for us to see! You could record your child reading the books online or reading any books they may have at home. Please do give us a call or drop us an email if you have any questions at all.




Let's have a party! 


Focus for the week beginning Monday 30th November

Prime Areas

Develop large and small motor skills through activities encouraging moving and handling of equipment and tools

Develop listening and speaking skills during carpet time and continuous provision.

Develop self confidence and self awareness by giving specific praise and modelling.

Literacy - Capital letters - matching capitals and lowercase letters

Links sounds to letters, naming & sounding the letters of the alphabet.

Continue to develop reading through their use of phonics and tricky words knowledge.

Maths - SSM - Positional language. Directions - forward, backwards, left, right, up, down

Here is a game that you could play at home

Celebrations - Introduce Christmas and learn Jingle Bells for school video. Develop Bear Hunt. 


For more information on our curriculum


If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions then please share them with us at pick up time once all the children have been given to their parents, or via email to the school office.



MORNINGS use the large Nathan Court gate when entering F2 at the beginning of the day so that the F2 parents are not queuing onto the main pathways and public pavement. The children will tell you that Nathan Court is the place where they do PE. The new drop off system is working really well, with the children coming straight into classrooms at 8.40, but please try not to arrive too early at the gate.


The F2 Staff team

Miss Muddiman - Alder Class Teacher and Year Leader

Miss Browne - Ash Class Teacher (Monday/Tuesday)

Mrs Curzon - Ash Class Teacher (Wednesday/Thursday/Friday)

Mrs Millward - Teacher

Miss Carr - Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs Powell - Teaching Assistant and First Aider

Miss Martin Letchford -Teaching assistant