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Harumalgoda East K.V School

Total Raised so far...

********** £681 **********


A Gift to us from Harumalgoda East K.V School

We were kindly given this beautiful, hand painted Peacock picture as a thank you for the money we raised to help fund the Sri Lankan school. The Indian Peafowl (Peacock) is the national bird of India and is an important symbol within Sri Lanka. In the Hindu religion, the Peafowl (Peacock) is a sacred bird, because the spots on the peacock’s tail symbolize the eyes of the gods.




Stalls In The Hall

On Monday 19th December every class from Year 1 - Year 6 held a Stall In The Hall. The stalls theme were decided upon in class with in group discussions and the actual stalls were designed and managed by the School Council members with the help of our year 6 children.

There were some well thought out, fantastic stalls which included Guess the weight of the cake, Hit the target, Lucky dip, Book raffle, Find the treasure treats and more.

This was a thoroughly enjoyable morning for the whole school whilst raising money for a good cause.

All proceeds raised of £280 will be donated to our link school in Sri Lanka, Harumalgoda East K.V.

Take a look at the photos of the event below.

On Monday 3rd October our school council met with one of our governors Heather Clarke and her husband Alan to discuss linking with a school in Sri Lanka called Harumalgoda East K.V School.

Heather and Alan have supported the school for a number of years and have helped to provide the school with essentials that we may take for granted such as books, pencils and erasers. They have helped to repair the school playground so it is safe to use and have also been able to purchase a uniform for the school band. Many of the children have never been outside of the local village so Heather and Alan were able to raise funds to take most of the school on a trip to Colombo, a large Sri Lankan city.

The visit to Colombo

About Haumalgoda East K.V School

Harumalgoda East K.V is a small school located in Sri Lanka with approximately 180 children. It is very different to Stokenchurch Primary School. There are no computers, no air conditioning and no glass in the windows. There is just wire mesh to keep the local birds and insects out. The children wear a basic school uniform and many wear flip flops to school. They have black boards and chalk and pencils and papers are very scarce.

Their walk to school is 2 - 3 miles long via dirt tracks and jungle and they very often pass elephants, monitor lizards and large insects along the way. They sometimes have no lunch as their parents are unable to provide them due to lack of work and money.

Home life is also very different. They have no electricity and no running water and children will need to collect water from a local well to drink and wash in.


What are we going to do to help ?

We are going to raise some money that Mr & Mrs Clarke can take out to the school on their next visit. We are also going to write letters to the school telling them how we raised the money and we may also send over some photographs of us in action.

Some of our money raising ideas

During our School Council meetings and within class we have been sharing ideas of ways we can fund raise for Harumalgoda school.

Some of our ideas include: Cake sales, throw a sponge at the teacher, fill a map of Sri Lanka with coins, guess the name of the teddy, a tombola book stall, mufti day and a sweet cone stall.




We very much look forward to the upcoming fund raising events and thank you all for helping us to raise as much money as we can for Harumalgoda school. 

The money we send to them will be much appreciated and will help to improve the childrens learning experience and school surroundings.