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Home learning

If your child is self-isolating we have put some age appropriate ideas for home learning. 

BBC radio online has some great games and songs


Personal, Social and Emotional Development is the key area for learning in the Early Years. What ever activities you do at home should focus on fun and developing your child's self confidence. help your child to learn about different feelings by making different faces - can they guess the feeling? Excited, worried, cross, happy.



Each day try to share a book together. Talk about what is happening in the illustrations. Point to the words as you read so that they learn that the words go from left to right across the page, and from the top to the bottom of the page. Stop part way through the book and discuss what they think will happen next?


Play some phonics games using phase 1 and 2 sounds



Encourage your child to mark make with a variety of pencils, pens or brushes. Draw pictures together and have fun. Write their name in lowercase letters on a piece of card and encourage them to copy it. let them watch you as you write the letters so that they can see how you form the letters. Have fun making zigzags and crosses and dots on the page.


Set the table and count out the number of knives and forks needed.


Make some fairy cakes talking about the number of spoonfuls of ingredients that you use. Ask your child to put the cake cases in the cake tin and count them as they do it. How many in total?


Encourage your child to play games like threading pasta tubes onto some wool or string. Count how many bits of pasta they have used.


Have a race to see who can move the most cheerios (one at a time) from one bowl to another in a minute. Who has more? Who has fewer?


Play pattern matching games

Understanding the world

Talk about family festivals and traditions. Which one is coming up next? What do you need to do to get ready for it?

Physical development

Pencil control develops as your child's fine motor skills grow. Fine motor skills are helped by developing gross motor skills. Play throwing games (throwing scrumpled up newspaper into the bin), make some playdough together and do some dough disco together

Communication and listening

Play some listening games together. You could use the link for ideas -

Talk to your child about what you are doing around the house. Ask them to help with some jobs and explain to them how they can help eg wiping the table.

Expressive arts and design

Use the playdough (using recipe above) to make different objects. Use items around the house to make prints in the dough (fork, ruler, lego etc). Make a dough pizza by making a round base and bits of dough to make the toppings. You could watch this first