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Week starting 1st March - GEOGRAPHY


This week we will continue to learn about Kenya and will be looking at similarities and differences between Kenya and the UK. This will include learning about the landscapes, people and culture. Below you will also find ICT, music, PE and German lessons for this week. Have fun and don't forget to send us photos of you and your work for our home learning galleries. 

Monday 1st March

Tuesday 2nd March - WALT: Explore the landscapes of Kenya. After the safari, the children wanted to find out more about Kenya so they went exploring. They saw lots of different types of landscapes and many different people. Go through the slides and discuss what you can see. Then choose worksheet 5A, 5B or 5C to complete.

Wednesday 3rd March WALT: find out about the people and culture of Kenya. Go through the slides explaining about the people the children met in Kenya and what their lives are like, including the Maasai tribe.Then choose worksheet 6A, 6B or 6C to complete

Thursday 4th March WALT: Identify similarities and differences between Kenya and the UK. Since the children have got home, they have been thinking about how different Kenya is to the UK. What do you think some of the things that are different might be? Share your ideas, then go through the pictures on the slides. Choose worksheets 7A, 7B or 7C to complete.

Thursday 4th March Wk 8 German

♫ German Numbers Song ♫ Zahlenlied ♫ Zahlen Lernen ♫ Zählen von 1 bis 10 ♫

Learn how To Count in German from 1-10 with a funny Song.

Zahlen lernen mit Flunkeblunk für Kinder





Wk 7 German

Wk7 German

Let's find out about Karneval time in Germany...

Wiesbaden Kids Fasching Parade 2016

Tuesday 23rd February - WALT: To explore the climate and weather of Kenya. The characters are going on a safari holiday to Kenya and today they are planning what they need to take with them. To do that they need to know what the weather in Kenya is like. Read the Power Point and go through the information on the slides about the climate in Kenya in relation on the equator and how the climate changes through the seasons. Complete worksheet 2A, 2B or 2C. You do not need to print all of the worksheets.

Wednesday 24th February - The characters have arrived in Kenya and that they are about to go out with a ranger to see if they can see some of the amazing animals that live there. Go through the pictures on the slides showing some different African animals and read the information about each one • Explain that animals all need different things. Some need to live near trees so they can eat the leaves. Some need to live in or near water. Some like living in grassland so they can graze or hunt animals that graze. Where do you think these animals would like to live? Encourage children to think about what the animal needs and how this affects where they like to live. Choose worksheet 3A, 3B or 3C to complete.

Thursday 25th February - Today we will be using the compass points to describe directions. • Go through the questions on the power Point slides asking children to use the compass points to direct animals around the map. • Introduce the map with grid and show the children how to follow instructions, e.g. If you start at the lioness and travel three squares north, what do you get to? Choose worksheet 4A,4B or 4C to complete. You do not need to print all of the sheets.





This week (1st Feb - 7th Feb) is Children's Mental Health Week. As part of your PSHE learning this week we would like you to take a look on the official website (see link below) and complete some of the activities available below. 


The theme of this year's Children’s Mental Health Week is Express Yourself.

Expressing yourself is about finding ways to share feelings, thoughts, or ideas, through creativity. This could be through art, music, writing and poetry, dance and drama, photography and film, and doing activities that make you feel good.


Computing Wk 5 - Code lesson 3

PE Week 5 - Teach the Perfect PE lesson

Garsington Opera - Hail to Music - #MiniMotivations - Episode 4

Hail to music and to dancing 🎶 💃 This week on #MiniMotivations with Karen and Aga, we are transported to the world of Eugene Onegin with a 19th Century ball.

Tuesday 2nd February - WALT : Find out about Neil Armstrong and why he is remembered today. Read the slideshow and then complete worksheet 4A, 4B, 4C or 4D. You do not need to print all of the worksheets. Use the fact and picture cards to help you.

Wednesday 3rd February - WALT: Find out about Neil Armstrong’s moon landing. Read through the slide show and then choose worksheet 5A, 5B or 5C to complete. 5A is easier and 5C is more challenging.

Wednesday 3rd February - 2pm - MUSIC ZOOM LESSON (BMT)- Use the link which was parent mailed to you to join the lesson. Please note it is a different link to our usual Y2 zoom lessons.

Thursday 4th February - WALT: Compare the lives and achievements of Columbus and Armstrong. Look at the sentence card 6A or 6B. Think about if they are talking about Christopher Columbus, Neil Armstrong or both. Cut and stick them into the correct section of the Venn diagram on the worksheet.

Week 5 German - Enjoy completing the below German activity. If you send us a photo of your German work, we'll forward it to Frau Reynard for her to see.





Monday 25th January ICT/Computing Wk 4

Monday 25th January - PSHE Wk 4 Lesson 2

For Me

Take a listen to the song and follow along with the lyrics on the document above.

Tuesday 26th January - WALT: Find out who Christopher Columbus was and why he is famous. Go through the slide show about Christopher Columbus and then complete one of the differentiated worksheets. You do not need to print them all. For example, If you usually complete 2 star, use worksheet 1B, Information B and Fact file B.

Wednesday 27th January - WALT: Find out about Christopher Columbus’s journey and what he discovered. Go through the slide show 2 about Christopher Columbus and then complete one of the differentiated worksheets. You do not need to print them all. Use sentence cards A or B to help you to complete Columbus' diary on worksheet A or B. For extra challenge, have a go at worksheet 2C


Please the parent mail sent last Wednesday for the joining details. (It is run by an outside organisation so the details are different from our usual Y2 zoom lessons.)

Thursday 28th January - WALT Find out how the journeys of Columbus affected other people and what he brought back from the Americas. Go through the slide show 3 about Christopher Columbus and then complete worksheet 3A, 3B or 3C. You do not need to print them all. You might also like to play the true and false Christopher Columbus game.

German Wk 4

If you are having trouble following the link for German week 4 here is the link:

German lesson

Thursday 21st January - WALT Make healthy choices - Can you help Simon make healthy choices. Use the worksheet below to suggest ways in which he could be healthier.

Tuesday 19th January - WALT Compare the features of a baby and a child. Use the questions to help you to label the worksheet which compares a baby and a child.

Monday - Garsington Opera - Going Fishing - #MiniMotivations - Episode 1. Enjoy a short session of singing and drama with Karen and Aga from Garsington opera.

This week, we use the power of the mind and song to take us to sea in Grimes' fishing boat... 👏 With the return of a UK lockdown, we are back on your screen...

Garsington Opera - Wherever you walk - #MiniMotivations - Episode 2

Wherever you walk, you're not alone! Join Garsington Opera for this week's #MiniMotivations where Karen & Aga transport us to the land of the Gods with a little help from the composer Handel

Computing - Monday 18th January - Codes lesson 1

Below you will find resources for your PE lessons.






Tuesday 12th January

Wednesday 13th January - PSHE Dreams and Goals Piece 1

Computing - Human Robots. Please use the information and worksheet below to complete your computing work this week.

Please find a German worksheet below which includes two links to German videos to help you!

Wednesday 6th January

Thursday 7th January