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Make a Christmas Decoration

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Watch the video for full instructions.

Here is a fun creative activity that involves going out to collect some sticks, lots of fine motor skills development and also shape and measure.

You will need:
Ribbon, string or a pipe cleaner
A blob of blu tack


Have fun and please send us some photos of your finished results. It can be any size, shape or colour. Let their creativity run wild.

You can also use any left over sticks for some loose part play. They could make pictures with them.

If you have any spare wool or tinsel or string they can wrap it around the spare sticks to make wands.

Most importantly, have fun!

Squiggle Whilst you Wiggle

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Hello everyone!

This activity is good for fine and gross motor. It will certainly get them warmed up for writing!
For this activity you will need:

Some big paper - I used wrapping paper

Any kind of writing equipment will do- pens, highlighters, pencils

Something to swish- tinsel, socks, scarves

Then just follow along with the video! It will help to have the writing equipment set up on the floor next to where they are going to wiggle. Alternatively, set up an area at a table where they can write, encourage them to sit up correctly at the table for the best writing posture.
It would be a good idea to ensure your child has the correct pencil grip before starting, just give them a quick reminder and off they go!

Dough Disco

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This activity can be completed at any time this week but would be particularly beneficial before writing. Dough disco is great for fine motor and will help children to develop stamina and strength when writing.

You will need some playdough, here is a simple recipe using just three ingredients:

1/2 Cup Dish Wash Liquid
1 Cup plain flour
1 teaspoon cream of tartar (optional)

If it gets a bit sticky I found a little more flour helped!

You can add food colouring, glitter, a squirt of paint and even herbs to make it smell delicious!

Then get ready to join in with the Dough Disco!