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Please see our House Captains below


Our House Captains have been appointed, well done to Logan, Theo, Raphael, Amina, Poppy, Harry, Eliza and Luke.

The 'weekly results speech' is a quick speech written by the House Captains. This is read out during Friday's assembly and is usually based around the class assemblies topic that is performing on that day.



Come on nelson were 2nd this week AGAIN with a total of 6942!  So let’s hop on Rudolph and fly our way to the top of the Christmas tree, jump through the wreath and leap over the star to the house cup! So let’s look down on the presents with joy and win against the other houses and WIN OUR TURKEY BACK!





Well done Grenville we’re 1st this week with a snowy total of 7157 housepoints. Keep this up and we will zoom to the top faster than Santa and his sleigh.

Go Grenville!!









Come on Raleigh we are third this week with a magical total of 6785. Don’t worry we will carry on riding those snowflakes right to the top of the Christmas tree. Jingle bells jingle bells lets jingle to the top YAY. Keep on adding them house points and our star will shine above the rest.

Go Raleigh!!




We will be up in 10,9,8,7,6,5,4. Yes we are 4th this week with a Christmas-y total of 6755 house points. We will eventually fly in the sleigh up to the top, gifting all of DRAKE with the House cup.

        GO DRAKE!!!