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Please see our House Captains below


Our House Captains have been appointed, well done to Logan, Theo, Raphael, Amina, Poppy, Harry, Eliza and Luke.

The 'weekly results speech' is a quick speech written by the House Captains. This is read out during Friday's assembly and is usually based around the class assemblies topic that is performing on that day.


Fellow yellows

A big congratulations on a whopping 5867 house points so far on this road tastic trip!  Let’s decrease the speed of cars but increase the speed our house points and ONLY OUR  HOUSE! So let’s not crash while we ride our way onto the top of the house point chart.





Yes Grenville, we are in the lead with a roadtastic total of 6106 housepoints.

Keep on zooming continuously in first place and the cup will be ours. Don’t forget to wear your seatbelt.









Come on Raleigh were 4th this week, with a roadtastic amount of 5749 housepoints. But don’t threat we will only drive up up up to the top. BRMMM BRMMM. Remember slow not speedy will ALWAYS win the race. Don’t forget your seatbelts everybody!




3RD place Drake. Good job for having a roadtastic amount of 5807 house points. Well done for everyone for working hard and rising us up to the top of the cone. We are in the direction of our road safety total! Keep on pushing that car and wheel soon be at the finish line.