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The School Council have requested a Graffiti wall that the whole school can take part in.

After careful consideration an actual wall, complete with spray cans etc is sadly not feasible due to many factors including staffing and health and safety.

We however would like to introduce a new ‘Art Wall Gallery’ to the school. This wall is actually going to be two large (weatherproof) outside display boards where children’s art work can be displayed on the main playground for all to see.

The art work theme will change half termly and we will choose the best pieces from all year groups to display on the board with a rotation occurring approx. every 1 - 2 weeks (dependent on how much work is submitted).

The art work is to be designed within the children’s spare time. This can be at home or during wet breaks or Golden Time within school.

Please look out for the ART WALL slip that will go into your children's book bag termly. This slip will outline the Art Theme for that term. All theme's can also be viewed on our webpage - The Theme.

We have a large number of very arty, talented children within the school and so hope that many of them will participate and be a part of our Art Wall Gallery.

Please note, the Art Gallery is for years 1 - 6 only.

Please keep your eye out on our Gallery Page to see some of the work submitted.