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Live Lesson Activity and Scheduling Details: 01.03.21


Below you will find the the scheduling details and intended content for the Live Lessons proposed for this week. As was indicated by the letter that went out via Parentmail, it is important that children and parents have read and understand the guidelines for these sessions before attending. A copy of these guidelines can be found at the bottom of this page for reference.


The sessions for this week will be lead by Mr Birdseyeand are open for all pupils from both Larch and Lime class to attend. Sessions will start as promptly as possible at the time indicated below. Please ensure if you wish to join, you attend promptly as well and with the needed materials at the ready to join in fully! We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible!


If you have any questions about Live Lessons or wish to request access to a recording of a session you may have missed then feel free to contact a member of the Year 5 team through the year group email:


Friday 5th March:

Start Time: 10am

Expected length of session: 30-40 minutes

Equipment needed: Paper, pencil, completed PSHE work from Wednesday and your brain!

Content: PSHE - To discuss and share how I am feeling about going back to school

Today's session will be led by Mr Birdseye and Mr Williams. We will focus on reviewing the work pupils have completed in the PSHE session on Wednesday. This will be a great opportunity for pupils to talk with one another to share their worries and excitement regarding next week and our return to school. Within this session we're hoping for as much participation as possible! We will also play a few fun games to finish the session as it will be one of our last ever Live Lessons! We're looking forward to seeing you! 


We also have a recorded English lesson for you to access before completing the work available on the website. You can access this recording by clicking here.


Friday 5th March bonus session:

Start Time: 1:30pm

Expected length of session: 30-40 minutes

Equipment needed: Your listening ears and brain!

Content: Class read - The Explorer

We're hosting a bonus Zoom Live Lesson today to read further into our current class book. Join the session to hear Mr Birdseye continue our year group chosen book of 'The Explorer' by Katherine Rundell. We'll have some 'book talk' and discuss some the events of the book as they unfold! Hope to see you there!