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Market Shopping

Fantastique! Très bien! The true day of French language skills use began, our pupils awoke excited and raring to go. For weeks they had played games and completed role plays to prepare for the market journey and today was finally their moment to shine. Taking both coaches down to the market in Évron the pupils organised themselves in their groups for what awaited them. Their mission was simple: enter the market as a team and use their language skills to purchase all the supplies they needed to create a nutritionally balanced lunch. They were confident. They were focused. They felt prepared. They were off!


The market stall owners seemed to be initially stunned as an army of purple clad children descended upon them. Clearly that surprise soon changed to elation as many complimented and thanked pupils for their efforts in the use of their native tongue. Whether through the utilisation of short sentences, or completing whole conversations, all the children communicated their desires clearly and proudly. Beaming smiles were shared by the stall owners, pupils and staff as they flourished in this wonderful experience that really made the journey to France mean something special.