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WC 1st June

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WC 30.3.2020


Ask an adult to write down numbers from 1-20 in words. Hide them around the house and/ or garden and hunt for them. Once you have found them all, match the correct number of items to each word. For example, one – 1 piece of pasta.

Book Activity – page 2.



Choose a number between 1 and 50. How many tens does it have? How many ones? Use objects around the house to help you. For example, build up 10 pieces of Lego to make 1 ten; use single pieces to make up the ones. Repeat this activity.

Book activity – page 3.



Practise counting to 100, can you count backwards from 100 as well? Play a game of ‘Fizz’ with another person/ few people in your household by replacing numbers ending with 0 with the word ‘Fizz’. This will help children to recognise these trickier numbers over the ten. Challenge: choose other numbers to replace with ‘Fizz’.

Book activity – page 4.



Can you write out your numbers to 100? This will help you with today’s activity. Use different colours/ counters/ objects to help you with the activity in the book.

Book activity – page 5.



Complete selection of maths challenges. Can you make your own too? Send a picture to and we’ll upload them on the website for other children to have a go at too.

Maths Challenges for Friday 3rd April