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Meet The Staff

Senior Team

Mr N Stevens - Headteacher
Mrs H Burns - Assistant Head
Mrs L Bailes - Assistant Head
Mrs C Dennis - Assistant Head
Mrs F Avery - SENco

Office Team

Mrs S Woodruff - Office Manager
Mrs L Tong - Office Manager
Mrs F McCallum - Receptionist / Administrator
Mrs L Conran - Bursar

Foundation Stage 1 Team

Mrs L Bailes - Foundation Stage Phase Leader
Mrs A Pollard - Teaching Assistant

Foundation Stage 2 Team

Miss H Muddiman - F2 Team Leader
Miss H Capes - Teacher
Miss E Carr - Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Powell - Teaching Assistant
Miss S Martin-Letchford - Teaching Assistant

Year 1 Team

Miss I Longley - Year 1 Team Leader
Miss C Nixey - Teacher
Mrs J Foster - Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Miss L Barker - Teaching Assistant

Year 2 Team

Mrs W Brand - Year 2 Team Leader
Mrs H Burns - Teacher
Mrs T Saunders - Teaching Assistant
Miss H Morris - Teaching Assistant

Year 3 Team

Mrs A Whelan - Year 3 Team Leader
Mrs J Peake - Teacher
Miss B Morris - Teacher
Mrs C Harris - Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Reason - Teaching Assistant

Year 4 Team

Mr S Thompson - Year 4 Team Leader
Miss P McMaster - Teacher
Mrs S Springett - Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs V Jenkinson - Teaching Assistant

Year 5 Team

Miss H Churn - Year 5 Team Leader
Miss L Cole - Teacher
Mrs L Styles - Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs R Green - Teaching Assistant
Mrs N Pitt - Teaching Assistant

Year 6 Team

Miss R Jones - Year 6 Team Leader
Mrs C Dennis - Teacher
Mr W Birdseye - Teacher
Mrs J Bains - Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Harris - Teaching Assistant

Specialist Support Staff

Miss C Howland - SEN / Pupil Premium
Mrs C Reynard - German / French Teacher
Miss J Goodall - Gym / Dance Teacher
Mr C Williams - PE / Sports Coach
Mrs L Kippin - Computing / Pupil Premium Teacher
Mr A Rose - Caretaker
Mrs L Simmie - Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Lunchtime Serving & Cleaning Team

Mrs H Wilkinson - Lunchtime Server
Ms T Booker - Lunchtime Server / Cleaner
Mrs L Peake - Lunchtime Server / Cleaner
Mrs H Hale - Lunchtime Server / Cleaner
Miss K Smith - Lunchtime Server