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Mindfulness means paying full attention to something. It means slowing down to really notice what you're doing. Being mindful is the opposite of rushing or multitasking. When you're mindful, you're taking your time


Please use the 'Stokie Second' when needing a moment of peace. We suggest before starting work in the morning. Children could even make their own 'chime'. 



Did you know that PSHE stands for Personal Social Health Education? In Y4 PSHE lessons, we are currently working on a topic about Relationships. You will be thinking about your relationship with your family, friends, yourself and even people in rest of your community.


For our PSHE lesson each week, we may have a resource for you to use to complete the work. This is where we will display the resources. 


Good luck and remember to send us pictures of your fabulous work! 

Wednesday 15th July

PSHE: Changing Me


We are SO proud and happy to have been your teachers for Year 4. Even though our time together has been shorter than we expected, we have so many wonderful memories of you all.

Let's take a little wonder down memory lane... 


Task: Complete the memory task below. If you cannot print the sheet then you can create your own piece of art or writing to display the different memories. 


Estimated Time: 30 mins

Wednesday 1st July

PSHE: Changing Me


In September, you will be moving to Year 5. This will be a new challenge. 

If you could ask a Year 5 child about their time in Year 5, what would you ask them?

What do you already know about Year 5? What are you excited about?

Is there anything you are nervous about? 


Task: Write down some questions and feelings that you have about Year 5. You can display them however you like in your home learning book or as a piece of art. 


Send them to us and we might be able to answer them or even ask some Year 5 children to help find answers to your questions.


Estimated Time: 30 mins

Wednesday 24th June

PSHE: Changing Me


A lot has changed in the last few months. We wonder how you might have changed since we last saw you.


Have you grown in height?

Have you had a haircut?

Are you feeling different about anything?

Have you learnt something new about yourself?


Maybe you haven't changed at all!


Task: We want you to reflect and think about how to make changes POSITIVE smiley You have had lots of changes lately, but how have you dealt with them and what has been the good things that have happened from this change? 


Complete the sheets attached to reflect on your change. If you would rather turn this into a more creative task, then feel free to use the 6 boxes on the template as a guide to present your work in your own way.


Estimated Time: 40 mins

Wednesday 17th June

PSHE: Changing Me

Are the images of trees in the correct order? Once you have decided, see if you can answer these questions: 

  • What started the process of change?
  • What happened in each stage of change?
  • What is your favourite/least favourite period of change? 
  • Did the tree have any control over the things that were happening to it?


Today we will be thinking about the process of change. That means the journey that something takes when change is happening. 


There are two stories for you to enjoy today and both are about a change. The first one is an old story about two children called Topsy and Tim. The second is about a boy and his Grandad.

Whilst you enjoy the stories, think about the answers to these questions:

 What change are the characters are experiencing? How is it making the characters feel? Do their feelings change in the story? 


Story One:

Story Two read by Miss McMaster below. 


Finally, use the Circle of Change template below and think about a change in your life. It could be a big change or a little change. Use the template to fill in the circle of change thinking about what happened at the beginning, middle and end of this change.


Estimated Time: 40 mins


Grandad's Island

Still image for this video

Wednesday 9th June 


Dear Parents, 

Please note that this week's PSHE task is OPTIONAL and if you do not feel comfortable with your child learning the content then please do not feel like you have to complete it. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Many thanks,

Mr Thompson and Miss McMaster



LO: To understand that different male and female body parts are necessary when making a baby. 


As we grow up and change, our bodies experience changes too.


Cut up the cards or copy them onto bits of paper (resource 1). The cards go into groups of four and each group creates something. Can you sort the cards and work out the connection? 


To make anything new it requires the correct ingredients and the right conditions. Which of the four things in the game would most people consider to be the most special and important to make? 


Think about these questions and write or draw your response into your home learning book:

  • What do you think are the reasons why people might choose to have a baby? 
  • What do you think might be difficult about looking after a baby? 

You may want to ask your family what they think.


Having a baby is both a joy and a big responsibility. It is a natural human instinct to want babies; if not, none of us would be here! But it is a choice that some people make, and some people choose not to. 


Think back to our starter game, what were the main ingredients for making a baby? Use the powerpoint slides to learn about the different ingredients needed in both male (boys) and female (girls) body parts to make a baby.  


TASK: Can you make your own diagram and labels for making a baby?

Try to use the correct vocabulary: sperm, egg, male, female, penis, testicles, vagina, womb


Estimated Time: 30mins

Wednesday 3rd June 


Our final PSHE topic for Year 4 is called Changing Me.


Look at the picture of the kitten. Which of the cats do you think is the kitten's parent? Why? 

The kitten also loves to lounge in the sunshine, now which cat do you think is the parent? Can you tell from the picture? 


Can you identify your own characteristics that are unique to you and those characteristics which have been passed on from your parents? Think about the things that you can see (appearance) but also things that you like or the way that you behave. Do you have the same colour eyes? Same frizzy hair? Both have an interest in trains? 


Task: Use the template to draw or label the different characteristics from your parent/s


Estimated Time: 30mins

Wednesday 20th May


In PSHE this week, we would like you to make and write a card for someone. It could be someone you want to thank, someone you miss or just someone you want to celebrate! 


You could even create a card for an animal if you have a pet!


Estimate time: 30 mins

Wednesday 13th May


Are animals important?


In PSHE this week, we are continuing to think about relationships and our focus is now on animals. We would like children to create a spider diagram of various animals (aim for around 4 or 5) they have a relationship with. 


  • An animal that I think is special is... because…’
  • Draw a picture of each special animal
  • Are their chosen animals ‘special’ because they relate to them as pets, because they admire them in the wild, because we depend on them for food,because we use them, say, to ride or for their wool, etc? 
  • Children to think about the various roles animals play in our lives and the different ways we relate to the animal kingdom.


Estimate time: 30 mins

Wednesday 6th May


What have you missed?


We are all having days where we feel happy and 'up' and then some days where we feel down and frustrated. This is normal for everyone particularly at this time when we have had to adjust to such a different way of living.  


But what are you missing? As you know, our current topic is relationships, so we are thinking mostly about who you miss and why. Friends? Family? Teachers? (we miss you too!)


Who do you miss? 

What do you miss doing with them or miss about them?

If you could see that person, what would you do? 


You can choose one of the following ways to answer the question: What have you missed?


  • write a letter
  • write a postcard
  • write a song/poem
  • write and make a card


Estimate time: 30 mins

Wednesday 29th April


Relationship Circle


This week, we are thinking about how other people impact on us and how we impact on them. We know that relationships are important to us at home and at school. We have relationships in our families, in our classes and outside of school. In school we have many different types of relationships, with best friends, classmates, lunchtime supervisors, teachers, etc, and then we know there are people we get on better with than others, people we are a better fit with than others.


Task 1: Can you complete a Stokie Second but as you do it, let your mind think about some people you are glad you have relationships with and why. (2 mins)


Task 2: Talk to your family or a friend via a device (only if possible!) and ask them this question: 

Who is special to you and why? Share your own answer with them. (5 mins)


Task 3: Complete a Relationship circle- details below. (25 mins) 


We all have relationships and are all connected to someone either through family or friendship. Can you complete your own relationship circle to show your relationship to people you know?


Place yourself in the middle- you can either draw yourself or just write your name. Identify other people you know by names, initials and/or little pictures. In a different coloured pen write a feeling next to that person to show how that person makes them feel e.g. happy, loved, content, excited, funny. (Feeling words below)


Feel free to cut out your circle and decorate with glitter, colour... anything you like! You could even hang it if you have some string and use it like a relationship dream catcher.


Remember- placing a person further out of the circle doesn’t mean you don’t like
them, only that they are not one of the special close relationships that have a big effect on your life. It's OK not to be as close to everyone. 


Have fun!


Wednesday 29th April- Relationship Circle

Feeling Word Wheel