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Morning Circle Time Videos

Tuesday 19th January - Exploring Number - target games! 2 Videos

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Good morning,

Today we are continuing to explore number!
The first activity is a quick fire answer video, encourage your child to point to the correct answers and shout out!
Secondly we are going to play a target game, I’ve demonstrated how to play a simple version using five. You can take this game outside to get some fresh air and record using chalks or in a notebook.

To make it more challenging, create two targets - one further away. The nearest target could score 1 point for every sock that lands inside and the furthest could score 2 points. Make sure your child records their answers and discusses who has scored more or less than each other.

Must: record your score and discuss who scored more or less points
Should: talk about how many more points they need to beat their opponent
Could: introduce another target which scores 2 points each time.

Monday 18th January - To the Arctic - two videos and an example

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Today we are going to learn more about the Arctic!

The first video is a story about a little girl who went to the Arctic, follow the story to see what she finds on her adventure.

Next up a short video explaining a story map. Story maps are a great way of helping children to sort the sequence of a story and remember key parts.

Now time to make their own, please don’t expect it to look perfect! Children can represent the parts of the story in a way that they remember, it would be helpful to guide them in choosing 4 parts of the story they want to draw. You can also help them by replaying the story as they draw, pausing at each part they want to create.
Then they can label the drawings with words - not sentences to help them remember the part of the story. They should use their phonics, this may mean they just write an initial sound such as 'p' for polar bear.

As an extension they could write a short sentence or two about a part of the story, describing what the little girl sees. An alternative would be to retell the story using their own story map.

Must: draw a story map with 4 different things that happen
Should: label each picture with words using phonics
Could: extend by writing a sentence about what the little girl sees OR use the story map to retell the story

Friday 15th January - exploring capacity - 4 videos below!

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Video 3


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Video 2


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Video 4

Hi everyone,

Quite a long one today.. you can split these videos up and have some play breaks in between!
Today we are exploring capacity, these three videos focus on the language to describe capacity.

To make more fun for your child, get them to explore capacity in a practical way, the final video shows an example of how to make a magic potion. This could include anything at all, children can come up with the ingredients themselves and you can use things like washing up liquid/ mud/ squash/ glitter to make it look exciting.

Decide on what they would like the potion to do, then think of some magic words or a spell to say as they mix it!

Must: make a simple potion using items from home
Should: use mathematical words relating to capacity as they make it
Could: record how they made the potion- draw pictures or write simple instructions with an adults help

Thursday 15th January - Exploring Numbers Part 2 - 3 Videos

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Good morning!

We are continuing to focus on numbers 1 - 5 in particular, I have tried to include some challenge ideas throughout the video that some children may be able to access.

Video 1- Practising counting and representing numbers
Video 2- A game for you to try at home
Video 3 - Comparing numbers within 5

After the video you can continue with the number books that you started on Tuesday.
You could also create your own card game to compare numbers (if you have playing cards you could use these!)

Wednesday 13th January - Speaking and Listening - Animals of the Antarctic

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Video 1/ 2


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Video 2
For today’s task we are focussing on speaking and listening.
Firstly watch the video and try to guess the animals!
Then choose an animal to find out about, have a look through the fact-files uploaded or research your own. There are hundreds of videos on Youtube.
Now it’s time to turn in to David Attenborough!
I have filmed an example for your child to have a look at....dressing up is optional!!
Children need to learn 3 short facts and retell them to the camera.
Can they use really expressive voices? Use actions if needed? They could draw pictures and use these in their video too.

Must: Learn 3 facts about an animal from Antarctica
Should: Use a clear expressive voice when telling the facts
Could: Make props – drawings of your animal/ a fact-file

Tuesday 12th January - Exploring Number 3 videos

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Maths video 2.mp4

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Maths video 3.mp4

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Hi everyone,

We are focussing on numbers 1-5 but you can adapt these games to suit the needs of your child.

Game 1- to recreate this game you will need:

A collection of objects (go as high as your child is confident in- but they need to be able to recognise the amount without counting - subsisting)

Bowls to place over

Show your child how many is under each but very quickly. They should be able to recognise use the amount without counting- start off small at first, if they make mistakes then try smaller numbers.

Game 2- to recreate this game you will need:

Two pieces of paper/ plates/ bowls to make two clear groups

A collection of objects- start by exploring numbers up to five but if your child needs a challenge you can go higher

Number book-

To create the number book you will need paper - a page per number.

1. Decorate the front cover

2. Start by writing a number on each page nice and clearly

3. Collect objects from outside or stickers/ sequins/ sweetie wrappers

4. Complete one or two pages a day, stick the correct amount of objects on each page - include tally marks/ dice/ photographs (look at examples below!)

5. If you would like to extend your child you can think about different ways to make each number, we have not covered always to record addition yet so they will need support with this.

Number books-

Must: create a page for numbers 0-5
Should: stick objects or draw pictures on each page that represent that number
Could: extend the task by recording different ways to make each number

Monday 11th January - Poles Apart Story and activity (3 videos)

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Video 1 - watch first!

Go jetters.mp4

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Video 2 - All about Antarctica

Poles part video 1.mp4

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Video 3

There are 3 videos for this activity, you may wish to watch the story in the morning and have a little break before watching the next two and completing the activity!
From now on we will have a must/ should/ could in each literacy and maths activity. The must is to be completed by every child, should is to be completed by most children and could is an extension task/ challenge activity.
If you sense your child is getting tired or needs a lot of extra support it is best to just do the must and should parts.

Must: Draw 4 items you would pack in your suitcase
Should: Write labels for each picture (whole words or initial sounds)
Could: Write a sentence about what you will pack (I will bring a hat, a scarf and a coat.)

Friday 8th January - Life Cycle of a Penguin

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Please watch the video and complete the activity - a life cycle of a penguin. Children can use the sheet or draw their own!

Thursday 7th January 2021 - Maths

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Part 1 of lesson

Zero video

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Part 2 of lesson

Then watch

Wednesday 6th January

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Part 1 of lesson - The Run Away Iceberg


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Part 2 of the lesson - Labelling a picture