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Reported by the News Hounds



To the delight of all book-lovers, World Book Day has finally returned to take centre-stage. Including many fun activities and games, everyone participated in a ‘book swap’ and every class delighted in decorating their classroom doors! By the end of the day, as you can imagine, the whole school was decorated beautifully and the joyful sounds of everyone taking part in lots of fun book-based activities filled the air. Additionally, at the end of the day, everyone received a one-pound book token to spend on one of the World Book Day books of their choice.


Also, we all came in with marvellous props to do with the amazing books that our classes selected. Due to this, it was easy to see which book each class had chosen with some fabulous accessories!

Furthermore, everyone was truly getting into character; all the teachers  came in outstanding disguises too!

By the end of the day, everyone was worn out and we couldn’t wait to get home and read a nice book.








So, to summarise, another successful World Book Day done and dusted. We’re lucky that we didn’t lose it to the treacherous snow again! We all enjoyed the day massively , thanks for so much fun!!!


Reported by Chloé Shepard and Deacon Mchugh  





Reported by the News Hounds



On Monday 14th January 2019, throughout the school, the whole of Stokenchurch were rockin’ on for our maths creative day! Across the school, pupils were assigned exciting challenges based on rock stars and everything to do with our fantastic rock stars times tables, which everyone across the school are able to access, both at home and on our school computers. In addition, some fantastic competitions took place on the computers for the ’battle of the bands’.


Furthermore, a ‘one of a kind’ assembly took place in the hall in the morning, basically consisting of bucket-loads of fun and laughter, including an epic guitar battle between Mr Thompson and Mr Birdseye. During the fantastic event of maths day, lots of creativity was involved and encouraged, because, after all, it is called a ‘creative day’. Surprisingly, the reaction shown when we were told it was a maths day was easily forgotten in the fun and excitement of the day that was not what it was thought to be!


Eva, 1L: It’s better than normal maths because we get to do fun things.

George, 6J: It was very, very, very interesting.

Sofia, 2S: My favourite thing was going on the computer for the battle of the bands.


The fantastic day was of course very much appreciated (more than we’d thought!) across the entire school; we can’t wait for our next creative day!

Well, whatever’s coming next, we all know this maths day was definitely one to remember!



Reported by Chloé Shepard and Deacon McHugh       


January 2019



Reported by the News Hounds




On Friday 4th January, Stokenchurch was truly entertained with a fabulous performance of Jack and the beanstalk. An incredible group of actors brought to life this fantastic story with some hilarious jokes, making everyone laugh.



Furthermore, after the marvellous performance, a very lucky Year 6 was allowed to meet the amazingly talented actors and ask them questions. The Year 6s asked some very good questions and the actors gave some equally good answers. Before meeting the actors, the pupils of Year 6 wrote what they thought about the panto for the actors.


James, 6J: I thought the panto was very funny and exciting.

Abi, 6D: I think the panto was funny and joyful because the actors were being really silly and funny.

Jess, 6J: It was very exciting, I loved it all!

Joel, 6G: My favourite bit was when they danced to baby shark.

Jess, 6J: It was very exciting, I loved it all!

Jenna, 6G: My favourite part was when they kept saying that they were going to move into Barcelona with Mr White. I also liked when they forget their lines and make it up so no-one knows.


We know everybody agrees, the pantomime was definitely one of the best here at Stokenchurch. So, finally, a massive thank you should be said to the amazing people who put this together for us to enjoy.


Reported by Deacon McHugh and Chloe Shepard



November , 2018



Reported by the News Hounds



Stokie Helps Pudsey!


On Friday 16th November 2018, there were huge crowds in the hall as the school councillors raised money for Children in Need. There were some truly magnificent stalls, including 2S’s ‘Guess the name of the Bear’, 4M’s ‘What’s in the Box’ and 6J’s ‘Spotty Lolly Pop Stick Stall. Also, Deacon’s raffle proved very popular, especially with Year 2s.


Later that day, the cake sales (held during break times) were "really good" and there was some "amazing donations". Everyone who bought a cake should definitely say a massive thank you to anyone who donated a cake.


Furthermore, as we all know, Deacon McHugh in Year 6 has been putting in extra effort to raise money for this fantastic charity. He would like to say a huge thank you to the amazing companies that donated the brilliant prizes. The raffle raised a fabulous £360.10, congratulations Deacon!

Of course, the fantastic costumes made the day spectacular. Everyone should be proud of ‘doing their thing' for Children in Need!



After setting up in the hall, the hard-working children in charge of the stalls definitely wowed the younger years, who were being helped by a fabulous selection of Year 6s. Favourite stalls included: 6D’s, 6J’s, the raffle, 4M’s and 5C’s.

The Grand Total Raised For Children In Need Was £1798.92

Reported by: Deacon McHugh and Chloe Shepard