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About our Awards Scheme

Achievement is recognised and applauded at all levels through the following school awards system.

From summer term F2 onwards children are placed in one of our four house teams - Water (blue), Earth (green), Air (yellow) or Fire (red) and are awarded house points for achievement or effort in class, inter-house competitions or being helpful around the school. The house totals are announced weekly in assembly and the House Cup is awarded each half term to the house with the most points.

Children also keep a personal tally of their house points received and are awarded termly as follows -

  25 Points Star board within class
  50 Points Certificate awarded in class
  75 Points Certificate awarded in year group / phase assembly
100 Points Certificate in whole school assembly
125 Points Certificate and Merit badge awarded in whole school assembly and name in the newsletter
150 Points Golden tie awarded in whole school assembly

Other awards include:

  • Star of the Term (previously Shield Award) achievement award awarded to an individual in each year group - awarded for outstanding achievement in one area or throughout the whole term.
  • The Grant Shield for Achievement (the gift of parents of an ex-pupil) is awarded termly to one child selected from the whole school.
  • The Newton Shield (gift of an ex-teacher) goes annually to a child in Year 5/6 for academic achievement.
  • Golden Folder entry - excellent conduct or superb work within class or homework
  • Language Award to pupils in KS2 for showing consistent enthusiasm and dedication to learning modern languages.