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Link for Matix document below.

Set: Tuesdays
Due: Mondays


This term in maths we are learning about decimals and percentages. We are exploring the relationship between fractions and decimals and finding equivalent fractions and decimals up to thousandths. Please complete the Mathletics work set.

Sometimes Mathletics use different strategies. If they work for you, and you understand them, then please use them! If not use a scrap piece of paper to help you work the calculations out the way you know how to!

Please log in to Mathletics to check and complete the activities that have been set for you. Your log-in information can be found on your laminated card.

Click here to be taken to the Mathletics website.

Overview & Reminders

As a reminder, children in Year 5 should spend approximately 30 minutes on each of the English/Topic and Maths tasks set each week. This is in addition to a 'little and often' approach to practising spellings and times tables. Remember to log into your TTRS account.

Finally, we ask that parents READ every day with your child, to help build good, regular reading habits with the children.