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Payment for Hot Meals, including Christmas and Celebration Meals

Please note that you cannot be issued with a Parentpay activation code until your child has started school, and all information requested has been manually loaded onto the system.  Therefore at busy times, such as the start of term, there will be a delay in allocating log in codes to new pupils.  Please ensure that your child has a packed lunch until you receive your details. Please also help us by providing an email address which you regularly check.


Dear Parents,

I am writing to explain a little about our hot meal service and why we are only able to accept payment via Parentpay, the online payment system.  We use Parentpay because the cost of staff, the time taken for administration and banking of dinner money and cheques, and the security issues concerned would otherwise prevent us from being able to offer a hot meal service.  Using Parentpay means that we are able to provide a hot meal service without diverting funds designated for teaching and learning to administrative hours.

Recently, the Governor Finance Committee considered requests for different meal arrangements. In particular, requests from parents who only wish their child to have a meal on special occasions, such as the Jubilee fish and chip meal, the American 4th July meal and the Christmas meal. 

Governors discussed the issues regarding payment, transaction fees, the administration of cash in school, and the time taken to deal with the provision of special arrangements on these days for parents not wishing to commit to putting the minimum £11.50 (five meals at £2.30) on their child’s account.

Having thoroughly examined the limited options available, it was unanimously decided that in order to access the hot meal service, parents will need to pre-load their child’s Parentpay account with £11.50 or more. This will remain in their account until it is needed for a special meal, or for a meal taken with parents’ permission due to a forgotten lunch box etc.  If there is a balance remaining when the child leaves school, this will be refunded to the payer’s card.

We confirm that we are unable to accept cash, cheques or credit card payments for hot meals, only debit cards online. This may change in October 2015, when the transaction fee structure changes, allowing credit card payment to be more affordable in comparison to debit card payment.  If you are experiencing difficulty with the operation of your Parentpay account, please contact the bursar, Mrs Conran, who can raise a query with Parentpay on your behalf.  She can also provide you with a copy of your log in details and/or reset your password.

Please note that before we provide a meal for your child you will need to have filled out an allergy/dietary needs form. 

Lastly, if you feel that your child may be entitled to free school meals, please get in touch as soon as possible, as we are unable to backdate these.  Free school meals children have the cost of a meal automatically pre-loaded onto their account every day, so at the till it simply shows that they are in credit.  Special celebration meals are of course included for pupils registered for free school meals.  We are delighted that the number of children choosing hot meals each day continues to rise, and thank you very much for your support.