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Mr Williams' Toilet Roll Games

Mr Williams has been inspired by all the toilet roll videos each year group has participated in, and he has created Stokie's own 'Toilet Roll Games'. Below, there are two resources that you will need in order to take part.

  • The first is a list of 6 toilet roll challenges.
  • The second is a tracker sheet where you can record your scores for each challenge.

When you've completed the tracker sheet, send it (or a picture of it) to so that Mr Williams can update his weekly League Table with your results. Good luck, Year 5!

Mr Williams' Toilet Roll Games Resources

Kids HIIT Workout 2

Joe Wicks' Daily PE


Many of you have probably already joined in with a Joe Wicks' PE at home sessions. However, just in case you haven't, we'd like you to join in with today's session (they can be done live or later). They're great at getting your heart, lungs and muscles working. If you find that you really enjoy the 30 minute session, and are keen to do more, you can find his previous sessions by clicking here.

PE With Joe | Wednesday 6th May

Change 4 Life Games


Here are links to 2 indoor Toy Story 4-inspired games that you can play at home. You will need someone else to play with - this can be a sibling or any one else at home with you. Click on the links below to find the instructions for each game.



If you don't like the look of either of these games, there's a whole range of activities for you to explore on the Change 4 Life website. Have a look around and choose one that appeals to you! 


Kids Bop: Dance Along Videos


This week for your PE session, we'd thought it would be fun to get your hearts beating faster by dancing to some tunes. Click the link here (Kidz Bop: Dance Along Videos) to choose 3 (or more) songs to dance to, or you can go with our selection below. You can try and follow the moves on the screen, or make up your own.


There are, however, three VERY important rules:

  1. You must give it your all.
  2. You must get your heart beating faster.
  3. You must get your breathing to be quicker.


Extra points for anyone who's brave enough to send us a short video of their performance! 

KIDZ BOP Kids - Dance Monkey (Dance Along)

KIDZ BOP Kids - The Git Up (Dance Along)

KIDZ BOP Kids- Whoomp! There It Is (Dance Along)

Star Wars (The Force Awakens) | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure! (Previous week: 30.03.20)

A kids yoga adventure based on Star Wars The Force Awakens! Join Jaime as we tell the story of Rey using yoga poses. Be advised that there are some more mature themes in this story relating to good and evil.