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Miss Morris and Mrs Quainton's groups - This week we have been learning the au and ey sound. 

Miss Nixey and Miss Barker's groups - This week we have been  revising our all Phase 3 sounds and also remembering our ay, ea, ie, ou sounds.


Here are some suggested activities:

  • Do lots of reading! Share a book with a sibling, with a parent, on facetime to family or friends.

  • Have a look in a book you have got for your sound.

  • Ask an adult to write some words on different pieces of paper and play splat. Take it in turns, one person say the word and the other splat it then swap round.

  • Have a look  at the games on Phonics Play online.

  • On YouTube have a look at Geraldine Giraffe - find the video to match the sound you have been learning.

  • Ask an adult to write some words on a piece of paper. Read the words and add the sound buttons.