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Maths Home Learning


Each morning, spend 15 minutes on Rockstars and Mathletics - no new tasks will be set but you could try and improve your scores or try new tasks.

Then please complete these daily lessons from National Oak Academy, linked with Percentages.


Monday: Lesson 1 - Understand what a percentage is and its connection to fractions


Tuesday: Lesson 2 - Recall and use equivalences between fractions, decimals and percentages


Wednesday: Lesson 3 - Solve problems involving the calculation of percentages of amounts


Thursday: Lesson 4 - Solve problems involving the use of percentages for comparison


Friday: Lesson 5 - Interpret mean as an average



English Home Learning


Practise your spellings as per the timetable ready for a test on Friday.

Please complete these daily lessons from National Oak Academy linked with the Louis Sachar book, Holes - you do not need a copy of the book for these lessons. If you enjoy the book and want to finish it, you can borrow a copy from school in January!


Monday: Lesson 1 - To engage with the text


Tuesday: Lesson 2 - To analyse setting


Wednesday: Lesson 3 - To analyse character (part 1)


Thursday: Lesson 4 - To analyse character (part 2)


Friday: Lesson 5 - To analyse the author's use of language



Christmas Wellbeing Project & Afternoon lessons


Look at the Wellbeing project attached for the afternoon lessons. There is also a French video (click here) you can watch from Madame Reynard, a French Sudoku puzzle and a French extension challenge. In addition, Mrs Kippin has set some Computing work (linked with Maths) which you can also find below: