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Puzzle 4: Healthy Me

Piece 2: To know what it feels like to make a healthy choice. 


Begin by going through the ‘Calm me script’ available below. If possible, have someone read it out to you.


Task 1


Write a list of as many healthy foods as you can think of.

Why do you think that these foods are healthy?


Task 2:

Download the Healthy Eating sorting activity available below.

Sort the foods into two categories:

Healthy foods

Unhealthy foods


Have a look at the unhealthy food choices.

The less healthy choices often contain more sugar, salt and saturated fat than the healthy choices.


What could happen to the balance of the body if a person takes in too much sugar and saturated fat, but doesn’t do enough exercise to use it?

Does making a healthier choice feel good?


Task 3

We need to try limit the amount of sugary foods we eat every day to stay healthy and keep our bodies in balance.

We should try to choose foods and treats that are sugar free or have labels that say ‘no added sugar’.


Children aged 7-8 years should have no more than 24g of sugar/ 6 sugar cubes per day (this does not include natural sugars in foods such as milk, fruits and vegetables).


Have a look at the food items below.

Can you try and match how much sugar is in each food item?

An answer sheet is available for download below for you to check your answers.


Answer the questions below after you have completed the task and checked your answers.


Are you surprised by some of the amounts of sugar in some of the foods?

What does that teach us about making healthier choices?

Are some foods better choices than others?

What can we do to check the amount of sugar in some foods before we

eat them?

Are there healthier ‘swaps’ we could make for some of these foods?

Is it still OK to eat high sugar foods sometimes?